Yükseköğretim Öğrencilerinin Tüketim Değerleri İle Memnuniyet Düzeyleri Arasındaki İlişki

Bu araştırmanın amacı, birer eğitim tüketicileri olarak yükseköğretim öğrencilerinin tüketim değerleri ile memnuniyet düzeyleri arasındaki ilişkiyi saptamaktır. Bu araştırmanın evrenini 2011-2012 eğitim-öğretim yılında Akdeniz Üniversitesi Fen

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        ISSN: 1303-0094 GAZIANTEP UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES  Aims and Scope:  Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences is a peer-reviewed and international academic journal which is published four times in a year. The language of the journal is English and Turkish. The language of Law articles could also be French. The aim of Journal of Social Sciences [JSS] is to publish research articles on social sciences for contributing to the international social sciences literature. JSS publishes high quality studies in the fields of General Anthropology, Geography, History, Psychology, Archeology, Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, Linguistics International  Affairs, Educational Sciences, Communications, Information Science, Law, Literature, and Philosophy. Although JSS has a preference for academic studies, it also welcomes studies that are written other researchers and practitioners. The goal of JSS is to constitute a qualified and continual platform for sharing studies of academicians, researchers and practitioners. Copyright   © 2013 Gaziantep University. No parts of publication in the Journal of Social Sciences may be reproduced, stored, transmitted or disseminated, in any form or by any means without prior permission from University of Gaziantep. Authors are responsible for all ideas in the manuscript. Editorial Correspondence and Subscription Address:  University of Gaziantep, Institute of Social Sciences, Journal of Social Sciences, 27310 Gazia ntep TÜRKİYE  Tel: +90 342 317 18 96 Fax: +90 342 360 10 43 Email: jss@gantep.edu.tr The Journal has an international editorial board. Print:  University of Gaziantep Press. Cover Design: Mustafa SEVİNDİK     –  sevindik27@gmail.com  Abstracted and Indexed in: ULAKBİM national index EBSCO Host database Indexcopernius index  Akademia Sosyal Bilimler Indeksi ERGO (Educational Research Global Observary) NewJour Türk Eğitim İndeks    Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences [JSS] Owner Gaziantep University Rector Prof.Dr. M. Yavuz COŞKUN   Editor-in-Chief  Asst.Prof.Dr. Lider BAL Section Editors Editorial Assistants Res.Asst. Mustafa DEMIR Res.A  sst. İlyas OKUMUŞ   Technical Assistant Mustafa SEVİNDİK    Editorial Board  Asst.Prof.Dr. Lider BAL Asst.Prof.Dr. Mustafa METE Prof.Dr. Cengiz TORAMAN Assoc.Prof.Dr. Erdal BAY Prof.Dr. Hikmet    Yıldırım  CELKAN  Assoc.Prof.Dr.M. Fatih ÖZMANTAR    Prof.Dr. Mehmet Tevfik GÜLSOY     Assoc.Prof. Dr M. Emre KÖKSALAN   Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hilmi BAYRAKTAR  Assoc.Prof.Dr.Murat CERİTOĞLU   Assoc.Prof.Dr.Meltem KARADAG  Volume 13, Number 2,  April   2014 Web:  http://jssarchive.gantep.edu.tr Email:  jss@gantep.edu.tr http://jss.gantep.edu.tr  Asst.Prof. Dr. Zekiye Antakyalıoğlu   Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mustafa Emre Köksalan   Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Emin Sönmez  Asst.Prof. Dr. Atınç Olcay   Asst.Prof. Dr. Bilge Köksel  Asst.Prof. Dr. Yunus Emre Emre Tansü   Asst.Prof. Dr. Muharrem Açıkgöz  Asst.Prof. Dr. Şenay Leyla Kuzu   Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ekrem Kara Asst.Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk    Asst.Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özpay      Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences [JSS]  Advisory Board  Andrejs Geske (University of Latvia, Latvia) M ustafa Yılmaz   (University of Hacettepe, Türkiye)  B. N. Ghosh (Eastern Med. Univ. North Cyprus) Nazmiye Özgüç   (University of İstanbul, Türkiye)   Bayram Ürekli   (University of Selçuk, Türkiye)   Şeyma Güngör   (University of İstanbul, Türkiye)   Erdinç Didar (American University, Bulgaria) Şinasi Aksoy   (METU, Türkiye)   Ercan Tatlıdil   (University of Ege, Türkiye)   Tokay Gedikoğlu   (University of Gaziantep, Türkiye)  Erman Artun (University of Çukurova, Türkiye)   Tuba Üstüner  (Cass Business School, UK) Hikmet Y. Celkan (University of Gaziantep, Türkiye)  Uli Schamilogli (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) Hüseyin Bağcı   (METU, Türkiye)   Ülkü Şişik    (University of Hacettepe, Türkiye)  Jean Crombois (American University, Bulgaria)  Yasin Ceylan (METU, Türkiye)  Kemal Silay (Indiana University, USA)  Yusuf Akan (University of Gaziantep, Türkiye)  Lelio Iapadre (University of L'Aquila, Italy) Zeynep Hamamcı   (University of Gaziantep, Türkiye)  Michael Goldman (University of Minnesota, USA) Zuhal K. Kara (University of Harran , Türkiye)    Volume 13, Number 2,  April   2014 Web:  http://jssarchive.gantep.edu.tr Email:  jss@gantep.edu.tr http://jss.gantep.edu.tr
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