Tunçbilek thermal power plant

Tunçbilek thermal power plant

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  The Tunchbilek Thermal Power Plant Dear Colleagues, Total installed capacity of Tunçbilek-Kütahya Thermal Power plant is 430 M! The annual a"ailability of the power plant is around 3#$! The coal reser"es e%ist for a new additional capacity of &%'#0 M after pri"ati(ation!There are # units in Tunç)ilek Thermal Power plant in Turkey! 'st and &nd units were built by *urrerke +ermany in ',# each with &4 Me steam turbines by ./+ of +ermany! 3rd unit was constructed by +P of .ustria in ', with # Me steam turbine  by /lin of .ustria! The 4th and #th units were deli"ered by /lektrim of Poland in years ',12-',1, each with '#0 Mwe steam turbines by K of +ermany!n year &00&5 Tunçbilek Thermal power plant administration opened an international tender to replace the old e%istin6 electrostatic precipitations 7/8P or dust collectors9 of their 4th and #th units each with '#0 Me electricity output! These 4th and #th steam boilers were :rin6 poor ;uality &&00 kcal8k6 <=> coal with appro%imately 40$ ash and &0$ moisture from nearby local coal mines! /arlier the /8P supplier company 7?(ech- lo"ak@9 recei"ed the order but in the end they could not meet the re;uired dust collection re;uirements at stack e%it less than &#0 Milli6rams per Am3 dry basis! The :rst ?ontract was cancelled! t is later re-tendered but this time to meet new stack dust emission re;uirement to be less than '00 Milli6rams per Am3 dry  basis in accordance with new &004 en"ironmental re6ulations! Journal of Turkish Weekly  =owe"er since the :rst contract for 4th and #th units was cancelled5 the administration applied to the local courts for compensation! The :rst contract price is not "alid since the deli"ery could not meet the :rst re;uirement to ha"e stack emission less than &#0 Milli6rams per Am3 dry basis!The second contract will not be comparable with the :rst since it is in compliance with new emission re;uirements which is set to be less than '00 Milli6rams per Am3 dry basis!Please do note that in near future that :6ure will be less than 30 milli6rams per Am3 dry basis in accordance with new / le6islations!This situation is not the :rst5 and will not be the last in /8P replacement contracts in our power plants! e ha"e a similar story in ?atalan-) thermal power plant where the ori6inal supplier has recei"ed the /8P replacement order without competiti"e tenderin6 and in the end they could not meet the re;uired emission limitations! ?ontract is cancelled! The case is in the local court! e ha"e Kan6al and Benikoy /8P replacement contracts on6oin6! e are not sure if they will be meetin6 the re;uired emission standards! e ha"e new Bata6an and oma /8P replacement tenders soon!Tunc)ilek thermal power plant is too old5 and 6eCin6 older e"ery day! ts pul"eri(ed coal :rin6 technolo6y is outdated for the a"ailable low <=> local li6nite coal! ts dust collectors are not suDcient to meet new / emission re6ulations! There is no Elue 6as desulphuri(ation! The new /P units will not help since there is no suDcient space to install them! Aew rehab works will not work in the lon6 term operation! Moreo"er it is almost at the city center! Please do note that :rst three units are not in operation! They are too old! <ast two units need /P for operation! ince we do not install the new /P units in accordance with the new / re6ulations5 it is risky to run them! n the end we Journal of Turkish Weekly  ha"e a plant with no electricity 6eneration5 waitin6 idle for the /P units to be installed! e ha"e a downrated capacity but not in operation! o the best thin6 to do is to close the plant5 sell the e;uipment at scrap "alue5 dismantle the plant and make the "acated plant space a 6reen park for the public! ince we ha"e a"ailable local coal5 we can install a new thermal power plant far from city center preferably at a remote land5 with capacity 4%'#0 Me with new technolo6y5 ?E) or e"en +?? or ?? with full compliance to en"ironmental re6ulations pro"ided that we create Fobs for local ;uali:ed workers5 and more  Fobs for Turkish en6ineers and local contractors! t is now your unday Pu((le! hat should be the decision for appropriate compensation in Tuncbilek 4th and #th units for the :rst contract as of year &0'0@ =a"e a nice weekend!   Prinkipo5 &0'0 Haluk Direskeneli is a graduate of METU’s Mechanical Engineering Department (1973! He has "orked in pu#lic and pri$ate enterprises% U&'Turkish ) companies (*+,% -&,.% /E0% Enterg% and in fa#rication% #asic2detail design% marketing% sales% and in proect management of thermal po"er plants! He is currentl "orking as a  freelance consultant2energ analst of thermal po"er plants% and utili4ing his #asic2detail design soft"are e5pertise for pri$ate engineering companies% in$estors% uni$ersities% and research institutions! He is a mem#er of METU /lumni and the -ham#er of Turkish Mechanical Engineers Energ ,orking 6roup! hCpG88www!turkishweekly!net Journal of Turkish Weekly
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