“Science and Solitude: The Diary and Photographs of Dr Archibald Lang McLean”. Mawson 100 years on: How things have changed 30 Nov-1Dec 2011 The Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart

Dr Archibald Lang McLean BA MB ChM MD, MC. (1885-1922) was Chief Medical Officer under Douglas Mawson for the first Australian Expedition to Antarctica in 1910. McLean’s scientific findings during the expedition have formed the basis of much further

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  Science & Solitude: the diary and photographs of Dr Archibald Lang McLean, Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-1914)    Antarctic Music Festival & Conference 25-29 June 2011 ANU School of Music Sherrie-lee Evans & Dr Lise Mellor Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW aae_37839  Dr Archibald Lang McLean BA MB ChM MD, MC. (1885-1922)    A 1910 graduate of the Sydney University Medical School, he became the Chief Medical Officer & Bacteriologist for the AAE. McLean’s scientific findings during the expedition have formed the basis of much further research in Antarctica. When Mawson, Ninnis and Mertz were lost in Antarctica, McLean was one of the group who remained behind to search for the party and it was McLean who nursed Mawson back to health over the months following the dreadful ordeal of his epic lone survival trek. Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW a128122  Gifted writer • In Antarctica, McLean established and edited a monthly newspaper, the  Adelie Blizzard  , to occupy idle hours and to encourage a healthy stimulation of literary enjoyment. • In December 1913, the Aurora returned to collect the expedition team and set sail yet again, this time with all onboard. They arrived back in Australia in March 1914. • On his return, McLean accompanied Mawson to England to continue their scientific research and to “revise and amplify” his journals towards Home of the Blizzard  , the published account of their  Antarctic travails; creating a work of inspiration for all those interested in  Antarctic exploration and adventure. Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW aae_37796    Diary response • McLean kept a diary, recording his responses to the Antarctic environment, as well as daily activities around the base and on sledging trips • The diary was purchased a few years ago and is currently held by the State Library of NSW, where it can be viewed on microfilm. It has never been published. Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW  Photographer • James Francis (Frank) Hurley was the expedition’s official photographer and his iconic images of Antarctica from both Mawson’s and later Shackleton’s expeditions are well known • Other members of the expedition also took photographs, but these have been largely forgotten • McLean took over 160 photographs while on the expedition  –  intended as a documentary record and as support material for later publications resulting from the expedition Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW aae_37756
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