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P '11 Off) hr, Ï4i10k / v2», :-y wr^ h IN 4' ^ofrm/imfchdio/l cumrtem fytnlnhftofjm' jo t R&jbrfg&g o jffitt iir Ojfâez. /vwr S; $isu U r 'x -.... SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS Geneva LEAGUE OF NATIONS September 27th,1924 Dear Zwerner, I have received your letter of the I7th instant enolosing a travelling olaim for your journey to Athena In order to meet queries raised on the question of baggage regulations, I should be glad if you would let me know how the individual items were inourred under this heading - for example the number of kilos charged and at how much per kilo, in each currency. Yo- ' 'y, Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees. M o n s ie u r Z w e rn e r, Pension des Etrangers, 3, rue Valaoristou, ATHENS. SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS LEAGUE OF NATIONS, Geneva, October 27th 1924 Dear Mr. Zwerner, Many thanks for your letter Mo. A.8 of October I5th. I approve the form of document that you have chosen for the Enregistrement des Réfugiés arméniens, and you tran proceed with this question, forthwith. Will you also please note that it is no longer necessary for us to have more than one copy of any letter that you write to this office. I am afraid that the question of identity certificates for Armenians to be issued by the Greek Government must be left in suspense, but as Major Johnson will probably tell you, he proposes to take the matter up when he is in Athens. Yours sincerely, For Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees. Monsieur G. Zwerner, 33 & 44 Hadji Osman, SALONICA . ^/V jj V x# V V Çy Jj6 ue of Lotions Armenian section Çv Z Athens 1 harve the honour lo inform you thr t m aterial progrès s^^b is being ruade..ith the voluntary evacuation of Armenian refug^mj from Greece Lo countries which o.fer greater opportunities i'o l ^ Ê th eir successful aosorption. The attached report ana am.exes w ill inform you with regar* to the evacuation measures which 're Oemg t'^en. From our conversation this morning, 1 understand that your Jovernment is..li-xing to envisage a further donation in oraer bo make avail? uie the? dm in is tr a ti on funds necessary to enable the development of this ac tiv ity. Às ^r. Chiles pointed out to youin his original A,ote on this subject, it is onl oy continuous effo rt over a fairi^ long period thr t a really ss ti ; f. c tory result o.an be obtained. Cur 1925 Budget fo. Armenian refugees inciua.es no provisio: for the mainten6i.ee o an Armenian Evacuation Office in ureece. The existing contribution of the Hellenic Government for tnis purpose w in ne exhausted on January,31st 192$T., on tne other h; r.d a n the financial arrangements for the continuation of our a c tiv itié s dating i935 h.-.ve to oe completed oy the end of this month. 1 should ue most grateful, therefore if the sum of ibdc ( sixteen hundred. r.d fifty ) pounds sterling could ue placed to tne credit of the nigh vonmission be Tore the 3C*th. Lovemoer This sum rerresents payment at i.e existing rete for the xast eleven month of li ve the honour etc. h is hxcenency ir. itrgyropouio e Hellenic Foreign tainistry Assist' nt High Commief loner for Refugees. SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS LEAGUE OF NATIONS Geneva,.November I9th, 1924 n Dear Monsieur Zwerner Please find herewith a copy of the Contrôler*s report on the accounts which you submitted for the months of September and October 1924, in regard to the expenses of your delegation in Salonica. Yours sincerely, /// M t.. For Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees. Monsieur G. awerner, High Commission for Refugees, 33 & 44 Hadji Osman, SALOUICA. 4H/37423/E AUDIT OF 3AL0NICA OMCIS's ACCOUHTS ( Armenian Sefogesn) FOB aisptsim AMD OCTOBER I have examined th e accounts subm itted by Mr G.ZWKRHtiR, the Delegate o f the High Commissioner fo r Refugees in SALONICA ( Armenian Refugee O ffice) fo r the months of aaptümbbr & OCTOBER 1924, and beg to re p o rt th a t same have been found in o rd e r.- O^NHVA,November 19th,1924. C o n tro ller. SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS LEAGUE OF NATIONS 48/58867/25899» Geneva, November 25th 1924 Dear Mr. Zwerner, With reference to your olaim for travelling expenses, enclosed in your letter of September I7th, and referred to in your letter Mo. A.II. of October I5th, I should be grateful if you would kindly send to the Financial Director a cheque for 40, to cover the advance which has been made to you on your departure to Salonica. I should also be obliged if you would.pass your ol^im in the next statement of accounts, (also Captain Childs' olaim), in order that the matter may be settled* Yours s oerely, Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees* Monsieur G. Zwerner, High Commission for Refugees, 33 & 44 Hadji Osman, SALONICA* SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS 48/39143/ y./ LEAGUE OF NATIONS Geneva, November 27th 1924, y /0^ Dear Mr. Zwerner, I am sending you, herewith, a oopy of a letter from the Industri-Missionen i Armenien, dated 21st N ovember, in order that you may deal with their request, I have shown the letter to Captain Childs, during his stay in Geneva, and he told me that there would be no diffioulty to aooede,to Mr. larsin's request* jvu~ Yours sinoefely, Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees* G. Zwerner, Esq., High Commission for Refugees, 33 & 44 Hadji Osman, SALONICA. r INDUSTRI -MISSIONEIJ i ARMENIEN Mon commandant, 48/39143 X/25899 Den 21 Move tabor 1924 Lu Société des Hâtions Permettez-moi de vous demunder nous secourir q v o o des collies nommées dons le cunossement suivante.il s'agit de fi7 collies des habits et des garderobes usées.destinés pour les arméniens réfugiés dans Salonique,mais sous le soin de la mission industrielle danoise.tous les choses,c'est h dire les collies sont adressés à mademoiselle JENSINE OERTZ,société des nations,section Salonique.il s'agit de soulager les choses traversant la douane grecque.si possible,sans paiement les droits de domine.le capitaine baron Kahmu Kaufmann en Salonique nous promit.pend»nt notre visite dans cette ville de nous aider les choses de garderobe à notre domicil:23 Papafi Salonique. Ilotre demande très humble à la société des nations est donc aujourd'hui en envoyant une copie des papiers de bateau, que la société ayes la bonté de prendre soin de notre dotation pour les arméniens réfugiés d'une manière,que lea choses viennent à notre représentante Melie Oertz. Je vous remercie très cordialement pour votre télégramme ;dressé :Industrimissionen i Arménien Aafchus Papafi 23, Salonique.reçu ici pr lettre de Salonique.C'était une erreur, venante do mon té lé grume d '^arhus.permettez-noi de corriger cette erreur.notre direction est domicile on.;arhus.nos collaborateurs sont domic liés dans S..Ionique.Papafi 23 et c'est pourquoi vous n'avez pas comprene 1'adresse du télégramme.je vous demande de ra'excuser mon incorrection. Votre très dévoué Signé; H.L.Larsin Doyen.président. Mr.JOHMSON.Haut Jommissurlut pour les réfugiés. SOCIETE D lj^tja T IO N S. LEAGUE OK NATIONS, Genève, le 10- U 192 v Monsieur, J ai 1 honneur de vous accuser réception et de vous remercier de votre lett re No A. 9C du d d L ce ju A Â tf dont bonne note est prise. Veuillez agréer, Monsieur, mes salutations distinguées. ^ T. F. U - v / / *! M.e. Haut-Commissaire Adjoint pour les Réfugiés. I U itkj u à m i l 2, loci. SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS LEAGUE OF NATIONS ( Geneva, December I3th 1924, Dear Monsieur Zwerner Please find herewith a copy of the Contrôler's report on the accounts which you submitted for the month of November 1924, in regard to the expenses of your delegation in Salonioa, Yours sincerely, # dû For Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees. Monsieur G# Zwerner, High Commission for Refugees, 33 & 44 Hadji Osman, SALONICA. 4B/3742a/üSB9-J. 1UDIT ü ï S AI OHIO A OFÏICIS'e ACC0UBT3 ( Armani an iia fag sa a ) ros MOVli«TBiSH I have examined th e aocoun a s u b m itte d by Mr G.ZWBRHSR, th e Delegate o f th e High Com I s s io n e r f o r Refugees In SAL0I1IGA (Arm enian Refugee O ffic e ) f o r th e m n th o f NOVtiMB-SR 1924, and beg to r e p o r t th a t same have been found in o rd e r un d e r the u su a l r e s e r v e s.- Z ' GiSMifiV A, December 1 0 th, 19H4. \ / SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS LEAGUE OF NATIONS 48/38267X/ ^ G E M B V A. ^ ' 20th December, X V- nûj Bear Mr. Zwerner, A ' I have to thank you for your th J Ï 4 V 1 December, enoloslng cheque Mo. 0f r,-p sthana for to oover the advance ox 950 Swiss francs, whioh was made to you before you left Greece. Tn view of the fact that we have not yet heard b-jssdrs-.s.vl i-nra: r - I should also he extremely obliged If you would a r r a n g e f t 0 ^ 1 ve~ formal notloe to the rest of your Staff ^ Year8 sin cerely, * i * x w Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees. Monsieur G. Zwerner, High Commission for Refugees, 33 & 34, Hadji Osman, Salonica. / -- PLEASE TELEGRAPH IMMEDIATELY ESTIMATED VALUE CHARCOAL STOCK* = JOHNSON 646+ Adresse télégraphique- NATIONS GENÈVE. SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS é- LEAGUE OF NATIONS OSMKVAe 29th Dooembor, r\ Dear Zwerner, Will you kindly note that from January let, 1925 It will be necessary for you to change your title to thiit of Delegate of the International labour Of floe. This decision has been arrived at as a result of s dlaouaslon with the Doputy Dirootor of the Labour Office who has agreed that, as the Delegates may conceivably deal from time to tlie with other than Reffcgee work, they should not now refer to themselves as Delegates for Refugees as heretofore. Yours sincerely, Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees. Monsieur Zwerner, 33 & 34, Hadji Osman, SALON ICA. ^ niaerpaheio N T H A C r P A U H M A 1. J».«...g ' / f j - Qaÿ«W#»i rie»df fliofonin»1 f5ÿ9...j. ~~ GENtVE ^ 0 nofliitabdrt X 2 * pneh NATIONS SAL8VE / ' V 'ly i ji *0 natapi0daa YOUP 14 1 A B S O LU T E LY NECESSARY YOU TELEGRAPH I f M E B I A 7 E L Y APPROX I NATE ^ EST I If ATE VALUE CHARCOAL = i= i 'OHNSON w EKR ZURNEF [ioï'jüitmj. téléphone : MT. BLANC SOCIÉTÉ DES NATIONS. LEAGUE OF NATIONS. BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DU TRAVAIL INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE 13. J A M S ' n ^ / 0 _ i Dear Zwerner, I have received a further letter from Mr. Larsen regarding the t 7 hales of clothing for Armenian Refugees in Greece mentioned in a copy of his letter of November 21st which accompanied my letter to you of November 27th. In his last letter MT. Larsen expresseu the fear that the original Bill of Lading sent by him to Salonica harf miscarried and that in consequence it will not be possible for the Salonica Branch of the Mission to secure the release of the clothing. On the other hand, Kaufman assures me that you had secured the release of the clothing from the Greek Customs before he left Salonica. To be on the safe side, however, I szn sending you by registered post a copy of the Bill of Lading which accompanied Mr.Larsen16 letter to us of November Z t Sp, and which could be used to secure the delivery of the cases of clothing in the absence of the original. Monsieur Zwerner, 33 & 44 Hadji Osman, SALONICA. SWEDISH OR» j^mctiatcti B^LEVANTEN) rborg r. 'SWEDEN m Telegr.-Address: LEVANT Direct regular steamshipservice from Gothenburg to Algier, Pireus, Smyrna and Salonica, from Gothenburg to Alexandria, Jaffa and Beyrouth, from Gothenburg to Constantinople, Odessa and other Black Sea ports and vice versa. D uring the season also from Baltic ports. FREIGHT: S b 'ip P C d in apparent good order and conditio^ by in and upon the calj#d the * ~ now lying at the port of MARKS & CL ?*- IN CIPHERS M & % NUMBER OF PACKAGES cyuc -r~*~a - AND FOR RUSSIA IN LETTERS S ' y whereof //- ::::. y C / A r +^ for carriage to ( / M, 'master for the present voyage OROSS WEIGHT CBMTR DESCRIPTION OF GOODS IN KILOS sisa m ji n:m. r^ m in m b is toi* w b ba ry that can bo covered by Insurance, W ( o. o o o A * - j. argo to be ttfsc.harged and taken à way on steamer's arriva/at rlsa tn û expense of owners of goctfs. t - C A ^ t^ C O J ô o SHIP NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BREA K A G E, LEA K ^E AND/OR P I L F E R * 0 l A 1(X- ' ^ l _ A.A s ÿ /o encash comm. C L A I M S A D M I T T E D C Obs. No erasures or alternations allowed in the B/L. said to be marked and numbered as per margin and also to be specially marked upon each package by the shippers before shipment with the name of the port of destination, in letters not Jess! (fan two inches long (in default of which the ship is not to be liable for incorrect delivery) and to be delivered from the ship s deck, where the ship s responsibility shall cease, in the like order and condition, at the port of ^ /f. 4 *O C 0 or so near 'thereunto as she may safely get, unto «... Payable at Ship not responsible for any consequence arising owing to the war or owing to import or export restrictions. Shippers paying full freight also for returning goods if import of same being prohibited.,- i ( U - i X / , «V / -» - ^ ( *., r*~ y isc # V V ' vv 1/ * /- * / ~r ^ or to his or their assigns, he or they paying Freight, p r im a l and charges if. any for the said Goods in Cash, as per note on the margin and average as accustomed Freight payable by Shippers to be paid, Ship lost or not lost. Sub,=ct to the rules printed on the back. IN WITNESS whereof the master or agent of the said ship has affirmed to. V original Bills of Lading, all of this tenor and date, the one of which Bills being, accomplished and delivered up to the owners of the ship or their agents m exchange for the goods, the others to stand void. / / / ^ DATED IN For the Master ^ t0 r SW E D ISH ORIENT LINE vncrs to be responsible lhat the Vessel is properly emiippcd. nimined pro- nd lilted out, nnd in all respects seaworthy and capable of performing her vd voyage. General average s to be settled according to York-Antwerp rules 1800 and Sweden, or at any other place or country in owne '' Owners to be exempted from any consequences of the Act of God, I nuot master mariners or other servants, of the shipowner; nor for damage or losses ilirou e t h ex pi osio n, fire at sea or on shore, bursting of boilers or pipes, breakage of «hafls or any latent defect in hull or machinery (not resulting in any case from unurnworthincss nor from want of due dcligence by the ship s owner or manager), for delay, putrefaction, vermin, jettison, rust, sweat, change of character, sl'rl '*iakcleakage, breakage, torn wrappers, broken cords and hoops, country other damage arising from the nature, of- the goods shipped.or for defect*, shghlness or insufficiency of packages, or from contact with or evaporation from other goods, for errors causett by inaccuracy, obliteration or absence of marks, numbers, addresses, deicripbon ofogood«^shi jp«d = ^ ^ rotation whether in geographical order or not, and for any purpose, to sail without pilots, to low and assist vessels in all situations, and to deviate for lhm,u/l sc..01 S. ;V ing life or properly; also at liberty to convey, goods in lighters to and from the ship at shipper s risk. mpa quality, conlenls value although mentioned in the bill af Iodine to be considered as unknown to tli. master, unless expressly recognized and arreed to the contrary. Simple Signature not be considered as such agreement. 6 Full freight lo be paid on damaged goods and 011 all packages containing preserves wine, ofl or liquids of any kind without any deduction whether said pac- Cages bè delivered full, partly full or cmptv, unless proof be given that leakage I as ahsen from improper stowage. Should any freight not have been paid wl'hm 20 m nins days after the arrival of steamer, an extra primage of 10 percent to become due and to be paid by the Receivers over and above the freight, stipulated in the Bill of ladim r and if any goods, or part thereof, remain undisposed or unclaimed 11 the Lading, anu 11 any lu u. 1 0wners o[, lc vesse are entitled to sell them, without previous notice, for covering freight, expenses etc. Perishable cargo must be disposed, of within 24 hours after steamer's arrival and freight paid immediately, otherwise Owners have the right of realizing it for freight etc... ot 7 [ 0 tte.hip ihonld b, prevented Iron, reachi..g her destination by nssiss» stit retsm s sssss s.w«v throughfreight beyond the original port of destination an,i rhavnes are to be paid in full and the shippers anu me vuii».8..wo responsible Jor & e jp.n.e.jh ereby incnrr.d j m *. any, to enable steamer to reach port of destii to be paid proportionately by receivers of the goods. Any,v expense,u. for Ice Boats be paid by the cargo in proportion. Should the goods arrive too late for shipment by the last steamer of the^ port of destination of the goods (whether the port is closed by not), Ihe sliipowner has the option of forwarding the goods -uuu» iu lo the tli nearest port to which there is a regular line of steamers then running, of warehousing them at consignee s risk and expense. carried on deck are at proprietor's risk. 9 steamer not to be responsible for any delay to cargo caused by strikes, steamer and any consequences hereof. 1 The'' goodït t'be di'sc'liar'ged from the steamer and to he received by u rpndv unload, wherever she is lying having liberty of signces as soon as steamer is ready to i hulk, lazaretto, or hired lighters! * 5, I, t V ep'& iséei'iiii ÿ «pence. A,, cnitoms Ihe respective ports to the contrary notwithstanding. All expenses of delivering, 'him? and receiving the goods on quay or into hulk being for shippers or consig- * account accordi, to ca. tariffs and - P - t. v e p o r^ The respoi, sibilitv of the ship in any case ceases when the goods leave the ships deck. 11 All stamps, duties and charges to be paid by the consignee of the goods. 12. Pieces and packages weighing two Tons each ^ upwards, andpieces *n J packages awkward for the ship s tackle to remove, to be taken oui of the ship al pro prietorfri.k and at shipjs to tin.tlo. with least possible delay (or gold, silver, bullion, specie, documenta, jewellery, works ol iir r0f t i ; S i S S? m, t Ch, Bn p o.d and all other articles ol, daneeroiis inflammable, or explosive nature, are strictly excluded from shipment by these vessels; in the event of such articles being shipped by these ships the shippci of such goods lo be answerable for all and every consequences ansing from such shipments and the owners of the steamer to have^a ion on such good* ] ** ;' of *ny'0» or damage having^been caused by them.- Such goods may be thrown verlioard or destroyed by the master or owner at any time without compensation. 16 Shipper and consignee lo be responsible fo r all fines or damages uhlcntnc ship or cargo may incur or suffer by reason o f incorrect or insufficient ma king of packages or description or llieir weight or conlenls. See Nr All articles of glass, or contained in glass, or anv of a fragilei nature win be taken att shipper's risk only, and the shipper agrees that f dam le e to not be held responsible for any muiry by hrcakage or ^ ' sc' ri,l?r ['' damaee goods not properly packed and secured for transportation. Not responsible lor damage to bales. jen 0 olls for payment of freight and charges, including dead freight, demurrage, forwarding charges, charges for carr ^ cf^ Jj ' shipment, and Ihe fines, damages, and expenses ment oned hewn, and1 for generw average claims, and to be entitled to recover from the sh pper the difference between the amount of freight stipulated in the bill of lading and the proceeds of the goods,, bon'd,the f g b t not be? bey d stated in N S r, t w m , d,, '?.b E E ' - d ,,'t t port ol delivery W hin 2, ï 0S,h S Ÿ.bb,' , i S ds;' ««.M e to take,11 or any par, ol destination she has power to lighter as much as is considered advisable at the cons.g nee s risk and f, IC VCssel arc not under any circumstances to be responsible fo any loss of oî damage to goods, wares, or merchandise, happening or caused during transit to or from the vessel, or in course of or awaitmç transslup^ent; 22. Consignee to pay thetabourage and expenses of weighing...leasuring Ihe goods entered on this bill of lading,. if. any. excess of wenrhl ight or leasur
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