Living in the Past: Preservation, interpretation, and engagement, and the 19th – early 20th century home

"In recent years, boundaries between curated domestic space (typically open to the public, maintained by museum professionals, and supported by government or charitable funding), and privately occupied dwellings, have on occasion been eroded.

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  Living in the Past Community Archaeology Project Dr Kirsten Jarrett © LIPCAP 2014     Investigating materiality of domestic life in industrial communities during the 19 th    –  mid 20 th  century  First stage: pilot  –  targeted samples within four Derby study areas  Testing methods to facilitate residents of small housing to record the material traces of everyday activity left by earlier occupants  Integrating other sources, e.g. demographic data, photographs, oral history, and family histories   Basic standing building investigations • Primarily photographic recording; occasional measured surveys • House exteriors & outbuildings  –  especially WCs (‘Toilet Histories’); occasional interiors –  preferably during renovation (‘DIY Archaeology’)    Garden topsoil artefact surveys • Including demolished housing plots  Surface artefact surveys •   Public spaces: Demolished housing plots & ‘dumps’   Community workshops & exhibitions  Derby  Extents of late Victorian settlement Preliminary census analysis indicates employment of residents in local textile mills & agriculture
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