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  GreenAuditQuestionnaire1.Whatistheapproximatecompositionofyouraveragedailywaterconsumptioninliters? Bathing 5 bucket Toilet flushing 2bucket Washing of clothes…..Washing the house…. Washing utensils… Cooking…. Drinking 3litre 2.Whatistheapproximatepercentagecompositionofyouraveragedailywaterconsumption? Bathing…70 Toilet flushing…. 29 Washing of clothes….. % Washing thehouse…. % Washing utensils… % Cooking….% Drinking…2 3.Inyouropinion,inwhicharea s youcanconservewaterbychangingyourwaterconsumptionpattern? Bathing Yes Toilet flushing No Washing of clothes NAWashing the house NA Washing utensils NA Cooking ⬜  Drinking No 4.Whatwatersavingmeasureis/areusedinyourinstitute? Use of kitchen water for gardening ⬜  Water saving taps ⬜ Water saving showers ⬜  None Yes5.  Whatwatersavingmeasure s doyouuseatyourplace? Use of kitchen water for gardening ⬜  Yes Water saving taps ⬜ Water saving showers ⬜  None ⬜ 6.Whatistheapproximatecompositionofyourweeklysolidwastegenerationinkgs? Kitchen waste 0.25kg Plastic... 0.1kg Paper0.25kgSolids... Others 0.5kg 7.Whatistheapproximatepercentagecompositionofyourweeklysolidwastegeneration? Kitchen waste… % Plastic… % Paper... %Solids... % Others ... % 8.Doyousegregatedifferenttypeofwasteatyourplaceitself? Yes  ⬜  No Yes 9.Howwillingareyoutosegregateyourwaste intobiodegradableandnon-biodegradablecomponent beforedisposingit? Not willing at all ⬜  Not very willing ⬜ Willing ⬜  Very much willing Very 10.Wheredoyoudisposeyourgeneratedwaste? Nearby container Yes Open spaces ⬜  Throw in water bodies ⬜  Others—Specify (e.g burning) ⬜  …… 11.Doyounoticethepresenceoffollowinginandaroundwastebinsordumpinglands? Dark flowing water Yes Odour Yes Mosquitos, flies and cockroachesYes  ⬜ Fire No Domestic animals Yes Rats YesScavengers Yes Others – Specify….  ⬜ 12.Accordingtoyou,whichamongsttheseisthebeststrategytomanagetheproblemofsolidwaste? Generate less amount of waste Yes Segregate waste at the source YesImprove waste recycling capacity Yes User charged for the amount of waste generated YesI don’t know ⬜  Others—Specify…. ⬜ 13.Thecutlerysetsyouuseinofficepremisesforservingandeatingfoodaremadeof? Stainless Steel ⬜  yes Single Use Plastic ⬜ Reusable Plastic ⬜  Glass ⬜ 14.Howmuchleftoverfooddoyouhaveaftereachmeal? None ⬜  Just scrap yesHalf ⬜  All of it ⬜ 15.Howmanyitemsoffooddoyoupurchasewithplasticpackagingeachweek? None - I buy all organic plastic free food  ⬜  I don't know  ⬜ Minimal (<5 a week)  ⬜  Quite a few YesLoads (20+ a week)  ⬜ 16.Howmanyplasticbottleddrinks water,energydrinksetc doyoupurchase? None - I use a reusable bottle ⬜  Minimal (1 a month) ⬜ Minimal (1 a month) but I always recycle ⬜  Quite a few YesLoads (20+a week) ⬜  Loads and I never recycle ⬜ 17.Howoftendoyoubuyplasticbags? None - I always bring my own cloth bag ⬜  Minimal - 1 a month ⬜ Occasionally Yes Quite a few ⬜ Loads (5+ a week) ⬜ 18.Whatdistancedoyoutraveltowork? 0-0.5 kms ⬜  0.5-2 kms ⬜  2-5 kms ⬜ 5-10 kms ⬜  10kms+ ⬜  . I don't work at all  19.Howdoyoutraveltoyourplaceofwork? Walk  ⬜  Bycle ⬜  Bike ⬜ Car ⬜  Bus ⬜  I don't work 20.Whenyoutravelbycar,howoftendoyoucarpool? Never ⬜  Occasionally ⬜  Always ⬜  Yes 21.Howoftendoyouturnoffthelightswhenyouleavetheroom? Never ⬜  Occasionally ⬜  Always Yea 22.Areyouconcernedabouttheenergyefficiencyratingsoftheelectricappliancesyoupurchaseforpersonalusages? Never ⬜  Somewhat concerned ⬜  Always Yes 23.Areyouconcernedabouttheenergyefficiencyratingsoftheelectricappliancesyoupurchaseforofficeusages? Never ⬜  Somewhat concerned ⬜  Always  ⬜  I don't purchasethongs for office 24.Areyouawareofthegovernmentpoliciesrelatedtotheenvironment? No government policies exist ⬜  Policies exist and are well implemented ⬜ Policies exist, but are inadequate Yes Policies exist, but not implemented ⬜ Don’t know ⬜ 25.Whichofthefollowingstatementaboutenvironmentalprotectionanddevelopmentappealtoyouthemost? They should be treated differently and the government should prioritizedevelopment  ⬜ They should be treated differently and the government should prioritizeenvironmental protection YesEnvironment protection and development go hand in hand  ⬜ Don’t know/Can’t say  ⬜
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