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International PhD Students' Conference „Revolutions and Upheavals in History“ - Zagreb, 4-5 May, 2018

ПОЛИТИКА Марија Ђорђевић, Слободан Наумовић 27.03.2009. Аикидо стратегија крви, страсти и блата.doc

Radovanovic, Milan, Hello, goodbye - Farewell Ceremonies as Part of Organized Jewish Emigration from Yugoslavia to Israel (1948-1952), Годишњак за друштвену историју 1 (2017), 47-67.

The post-modernist turn and spectres of criticality in post-socialist architecture: ‘one:table’ at the Venice Biennale 2012

Literarische Moden. Ein Bestimmungsversuch . In: Maik Bierwirth/Anja Johannsen/Mirna Zeman (Hg.): Doing Contemporary Literature. Praktiken, Wertungen, Automatismen. Müchen: Fink 2012, S. 111-130

„Schwarz-Rot-Gold der Suppendose. Nation als Marke“

İstanbul Konut Sektörü ve Kentsel Dönüşüm (Housing Sector in Istanbul and Urban Gentrification)

Article Anti-Serbian Collaboration Between Tito's Partisans and Pavelić's Ustashi , 2014

Балканските касапи (Butchers of the Balkans).pdf

Martin Krpan ali habsburški mit kot sodobni nacionalni mit (Martin Krpan or Habsburg myth as a contemporary national myth)

Viktor Orban - węgierski buntownik

Arheološka nalazišta na području generalnog plana Kruševac 2021. godine

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