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Origine chrétienne du Qoran - La sourate 1

Review of Dita Frantíková: Chetitská čítanka, 2016, Praha: Univerzita Karlova v Praze. Filozofická fakulta, in Nový Orient 72/2017/4, 68-71.

La sourate 108 - Une sourate écrite en syriaque

Тракийският воин. Проучвания върху военната и социалната история на древна Тракия. / The Thracian Warrior. A Study in Military and Social History of Ancient Thrace. В. Тър

异体字研究述论 朱生玉

2000 – Тракийският воин… / The Thracian Warrior... Гл. 7. Абиите млекопийци, вегетарианският „Златен век” и капнобатите / Ch. 7. Abioi milk drinkers, the vegetarian “

An Online Reading Protocol to Research Readers’ Reactions to Text

“On the Term dubi kun : Reconstructing the Image of Han Hired Laborers by Investigating their Clothing”「犢鼻褌」小考──從服飾看漢代傭作者的形象

“Buji on Han Wooden and Bamboo Strips Revisited: ‘Zu yong zuo mingji’ as a Case Study” (Co-authored with Ming-chiu Lai) 漢簡簿籍再探:以「卒傭作名籍」為例 (與黎明釗合著)

[2014] Med blicken österut. Hyllningsskrift till Per-Arne Bodin

José L. Melena, «Mycenaean Writing», in A Companion to Linear B. Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World, (Eds.) Duhoux Y., Morpurgo Davies A. Volume 3 [Series: Bibliothèque des Cahiers de l'Institut de Linguistique de Louvain (BCILL), 133 201

Jean Winand, Après Kircher : Les errements de la piste chinoise, les impasses du symbolisme et la quête d'un alphabet, Liège, Groupe de contact du FNRS, 5 mai 2018

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