Tag: Women In the Ancient Near East

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How to define relation between ʿAnatu and Baʿlu: answer by absence of proofs

Mujeres y derecho en el Próximo Oriente Antiguo. Zaragoza 2014. XXVI + 336 p. [English: Women and Law in the Ancient Near East]. ISBN: 9788479561338.

The Rights of a Concubine’s Descendants in the Ancient Near East. Revue Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquité 60 (2013): 13-36. ISSN: 0556-7939

Inventory of lexemes of action verbs, a new methodology for gender studies research. An example with ʿAnatu of Ugarit.

Anima, indue te arma lucis . The Dialectical Background to Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum

“Bibliografía de los estudios de Emar (6)” (together with B.I. Faist, F. Sakal, J.P. Vita). Ugarit-Forschungen 45 (2014): 95-110 [English: “Bibliography of Emar Studies (6)”]. ISBN: 9783868351378.

Comité organizador de la I Jornada d’Història de l’Edició. Minerva a la impremta. Els estudis de gènere al món del llibre.

“ASJ 16/51 (= HCCT-E 51), document from Ekalte.” Nouvelles assyriologiques brèves et utilitaires 2006: 25-26. ISSN: 09895671.

The Role of the 'Overseer' as the Person Responsible for the Labour Force in the Hurrian Milieu. In A. Garcia-Ventura (ed.), Whta's in a Name?. Münster 2018: 315-328. ISBN: 9783868352122

“Se irá desnuda de mi casa…” Esta Toledo, aquella Babilonia. Cuenca 2011: 217-240. [English: “She shall leave mi house naked…”]. ISBN: 9788484277828.

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