Tag: White Settler Soceties

10 documents

Review of “Authenticity: Ethnic Indians, non-Indians and Reservation Indians” by Duane Champagne

Review of “Duane Champagne's Turtle Island Tales” by Christie-Michelle Poitra

Review of “Incommensurate Indigenous Right?” by Duane Champagne

Review of “The United States Needs to Produce More Native PhDs” by Duane Champagne

Praise of the Prophet and Praise of Self: Sīrat Banī Hilāl and Epic Narrative in Performance

War ‘Zones’: The Metropolis and New Zealand, 1940 and 2005: The Metropolis and New Zealand, 1940 and 2005

Radical Discourses in Democracy: An Evaluation of Wolin’s Critique of Modern Power

”I Spit on Your Stone : national identity, Women Against Rape and the cult of Anzac

Algeria Elsewhere: The Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Santa Cruz in Oran, Algeria, and Nimes, France [followed by French translation: L'Algérie ailleurs: le pèlerinage de la Vierge de Santa Cruz à Oran et à Nimes]


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