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Carine Mercier - Ce que pourrait être une réponse foucaldienne à la question de la présence du moi dans l'Antiquité

Maria ...von Bosnien: bosanska vojvotkinja - njemačka grofica (Maria …von Bosnien: Bosnian Dutchess – German Countess)

Book Review - Miroslav Palameta - Miro Raguž - Marinko Šutalo, Tajna Boljuni / The Mystery of Boljuni, Stolac, 2012, 170 str.

Plato’s Proof of God’s Existence

Sentire lo spazio. L’architettura tra arte, natura ed esperienza estetica

Hamlet’s Metamorphosis from an Avenger to a Revolutionary: A Religious Perspective

Spontaneous’ occurrence of Yaba tumor in a monkey colony

Enlevo e remissão na ayahuasca sob a ótica do numinoso

О времени и вечности у Плотина и Августина (On Time and Eternity by Plotinus and Augustine)

A Subjective Approach: Finding Certitude in Leeway: Challenging the Etiquette of Documentary Filmmaking: A Critical Analysis of Ross McElwee’s Sherman’s March (1985)

Trancendentalism and the current cultural paradigm shift . A REPORT FROM JESÚS BOLAÑO QUINTERO BAAS/Eccles Centre PG Award Recipient 2014

Ideias estéticas e imaginação poética em Hölderlin [Revista Discurso da USP]

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