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The case of Germany : from Wissenschaft des Judentums to Jewish Studies.”

“Seder Eliyahu, Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer and cognate traditions as Geonic Midrashim? - changing texts and contexts,”

تفسير العهد الجديد للقس مكسيموس صموئيل.pdf

Objawienia prywatne. Ich rola w życiu Kościoła i proces teologicznej weryfikacji


Steven Runciman as a historian of “Byzance après Byzance” (the epilogue to the Czech translation of the book The Great Church in Captivity…, in Czech)

2013. Hilkens. A. Syriac Ilioupersides: the Fall of Troy in Syriac Historiography. Le Muséon 126:3-4. pp. 285-317.


The Debate between Patriarch John and an emir of the Mhaggrāyē: A Reconsideration of the earliest Christian-Muslim Debate

الموسيقي القبطية كامل نهائي(معدل ).pdf

Book Review: A Cultural History of the Yuan Dynasty书评:陈高华、张帆、刘晓《元代文化史》,《汉学研究》28-3(2010)[in Chinese]

Some Notes on the Ethnic Name Taŋut (Tangut) in Turkic Sources

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