Tag: Royal ideology in the ancient Near East

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Les Tombes Royales du Dynastique Archaïque à Ur : Réexamen des données

La morte di Gesù; Milano. Saggi Rizzoli, 2014

The Fabric of Cities – Aspects of Urbanism, Urban Topography and Society in Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome (together with Ulrike Steinert)

Review of Л. А. Беляев и Н. Я. Мерперт От библейских древностей к христианским . (Beliajev L.A, and Merpert N.J. From the Old Testamental Antiquities to the Early Christian Ones ), Moscow, 200


How to define relation between ʿAnatu and Baʿlu: answer by absence of proofs

فلسفة التداوليات الصورية و أخلاقيات النقاش عند يورغن هابرماس

Una reflexión sobre el origen de la importancia de la Música en la Antigua Mesopotamia a partir de los Cilindros de Gudea A y B


“In Order to Make Him Completely Dead”: Annihilation of the Power of Images in Mesopotamia

Defendenti 2016 - Le site néo-assyrien de Tell Masaikh en Syrie. Identification, étude et interprétation des différents types d'espaces

“Structural Sympathies in Ancient Greek and South Slavic Heroic Singing”, in Hickmann, E./Eichmann, R. (eds.), Musikarchäologische Quellengruppen: Bodenurkunden, mündliche überlieferung, Aufzeichnung. Studien zur Musikarchäologie 4 (Rahd

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