Tag: Religious Authority and Knowledge

3 documents

“Straight Reading: Shame and the Normal in Epiphanius' Polemic against Origen,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 21.3 (2013): 413–435.

“A Disciplined Mind in an Orderly World: mimesis in late antique ethical regimes ,” in Metapher - Narratio - Mimesis, ed. U. Volp, F. W. Horn, and R. Zimmermann, 235-256. WUNT: Mohr Siebeck, 2016.

"The Oblique Ethics of the Letters of Antony" in L'identité à travers l'éthique Nouvelles perspectives sur la formation des identités collectives dans le monde greco-romain K. Berthelot, R. Naiweld, D. Stök

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