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Fields of apertured polychromatic laser beams with Gaussian and Hermite–Gaussian transverse modes

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Robots móviles - Percepción

“New way of Fabrication of GalnSb/AlGalnSb/AllnSb multiple quantum well laser for optical communication”

Negative refraction in Photonic Crystals: thickness dependence and Pendellösung phenomenon

Diffractive–refractive optics in the Laue case: first experiment

Performances of synchrotron X-ray monochromators under heat load. Part 2. Application of the Takagi–Taupin diffraction theory

Pendellösung effect in photonic crystals

Polythiophene Derivative with Phenothiazine−Vinylene Conjugated Side Chain:  Synthesis and Its Application in Field-Effect Transistors

Öğretmen Adaylarının Hipotetik-Yaratıcı Akıl Yürütme Becerilerinin, Bilimsel Epistemolojik İnançları, Öğrenme Stilleri Ve Demografik Özellikleri Açısından İncelenmesi

Er 3+-activated sol–gel silica confined structures for photonic applications

Preparation of transparent ZnO thin films and their application in UV sensor devices

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