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Review of “Authenticity: Ethnic Indians, non-Indians and Reservation Indians” by Duane Champagne

Review of “Duane Champagne's Turtle Island Tales” by Christie-Michelle Poitra

Review of “Incommensurate Indigenous Right?” by Duane Champagne

مصاحبه مطبوعاتی درباره نوسازی اطراف فلکه حرم مطهر / Interview about the Renovation around the Shrine, Mashad (in Persian)

!زندگی عمودی بمزاج تهرانیها سازگار نیست / Vertical Living Does Not Suit the Tehran Population! (in Persian)

عضوانستیتوی سلطنتی شهرسازان انگلستان/ Mr. Borbor receives Fellowship of Royal Town Planning Institute (FRTPI), U.K. (in Persian)

Estudio para la revitalización de pueblos en las sierras de Teruel

Review of “The United States Needs to Produce More Native PhDs” by Duane Champagne

Hasankeyf Yukarı Şehir Arkeolojik Park Belgeleme Çalışması 2002

Course outline Université de Montréal

Ortaçağ Anadolu Selçuklu Mimarisinde Anlam

Ekologické zdroje elektrickej energie - súčasnosť, alternatívne zdroje, ich uplatnenie a dôsledky

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