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Soft Magnetic Devices Applied for Low Zero Excursion (0.01°/h) Four-Mode Ring Laser Gyro

The effectsofthermalannealingontheelectrical characteristicsofAu/n–InP/In diode

AC field induced rotation of magnetostrictive wires_b

AC field induced rotation of magnetostrictive wires

Formación de partículas nanométricas en soluciones sobresaturadas

Nanoelipsoides de Fe y FeCo con microestructuras diseñadas bioinspiradas en la bacteria magnetotáctica

Estudio del mecanismo de magnetización en nanoelipsoides de Fe con microestructuras diseñadas, bioinspiradas en la bacteria magnetotáctica

Size Distribution and Frustrated Antiferromagnetic Coupling Effects on the Magnetic Behavior of Ultrafine Akaganéite (β-FeOOH) Nanoparticles

Polythiophene Derivative with Phenothiazine−Vinylene Conjugated Side Chain:  Synthesis and Its Application in Field-Effect Transistors

Starch–maleate–polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels with controllable swelling behaviors

Prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis in Egyptian Cattle and the Standardization of the Interferon‐gamma Assay as an Ancillary Test

Momentum ve İmpuls Kavramlarini Anlama - II: Öğretmen Adaylarinin Momentum ve İmpuls Konulari ile İlgili Durumlar İçeren Problemlere Verdikleri Yazili Cevaplarin İncelenmesi Understanding the Concepts Momentum and Impulse - II: A Study o

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