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 The Dialectic of Consciousness and Unconsciousness in Spontaneity of Genius: A Comparison between Classical Chinese Aesthetics and Kantian Ideas

Voces sobre China en el siglo XVII a través de Domingo Fernández de Navarrete

Улус Урус-хана// Взаимодействие мировых цивилизаций: история и современность. Сборник статей участников IX Московской научной конфере

Muzułmanie chińscy. Historia. Religia. Tożsamość.

雲莊大易師程智與其弟子們的學術思想實踐:一個明清之際儒學宗教化的實例 Cheng Yunzhiang(1602-1651)and his apprentices:A Case in the Late Ming and Early Qing Intellectual History


Сайн ноён аймгийн Сэцэн чин вангийн хошууны цахар сумны тухай (On the Caqar sumu of the Secen qin wang banner of Sayin noyan aimaG), Quaestiones Mongolorum Disputatae, YII, Tokyo, 2011, pp.105-

Ob odnom tjurkizme v “Tajnoj istorii mongolov”: sr.-mong. aram ‘zagon (dlja skota)’ [?]

「選擇」及「轉譯」: 全球史視野下的「西洋」多層木套杯 Perspectives of the Qing Court on Wooden Nesting Cups from the “Western Ocean”

自是鬼工手,能傳仙客情:乾隆朝宮廷的象牙「仙工」 From the Hands of Spirits, Conveying the Quality of Immortals: Ivory “Immortal Works” from the Qianlong Court

Coral Grove (Shānhú Lín 珊瑚林) by Yuan Hongdao 袁宏道 (1568-1610): Religion and Salon Culture in the Late Ming Dynasty

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