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Gonzalez_Marrero_Aguiar_Aguilar, Posible correspondencia árabe de algunos términos latinos ...1998

The Toad Stone – a rather unlikely gem

Glimpse into a 15th century Goldsmith’s Shop

“Suffering diverse inconveniences”: Civic Transformations and Institutional Change in the Heilig Geist Spital of Mainz, 1236-1305

Иван Александрович Юренский. Статьи и письма / Сост., вступ. ст., подготовка текстов, коммент. А.Б. Ипполитова, А.Ю. Литвинцев. Улан-Удэ, 2014

Some Notes on Böck’s Review of BAM 7 and on Böck 2014, Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 2014-1: 43-49.

A Peculiar Late Babylonian Recipe For Fumigation Against Epilepsy, The Recipes Project – Food, Magic, Science, and Medicine (2014).

“Inés Monteira Arias, El enemigo imaginado. La escultura románica hispana y la lucha contra el Islam, Toulouse: CNRS- Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail- Framespa, 2012” in Memoria y Civilización, 16, 2013, p. 331-333

A Ritual for Pub's Success in Mesopotamia, I millennium BC. – Ритуал за успех на кръчмата в Двуречието от I-во хилядолетие пр. Хр. Department of Arabic and Semitic Studies, Sofia, 09.11.2012

José Antonio González Marrero, El latín como vehículo de expansión de la ciencia árabe en el siglo XV

José Antonio González Marrero, Johannes Bonie_médico y traductor en la Valencia del siglo XV

On the Textual Production of the Babylonian Medical Series on Fumigation, Tel Aviv University, 19.06.2014.

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