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Un plastron d'époque assyrienne

Первенство в Церкви в богословии митрополита Пергамского Иоанна Зизиуласа

Rezensionzu Hervé Reculeau, Climate, environment and agriculture in Assyria in the 2nd half of the 2nd millennium BCE., Zeitschift für Assyriologie (2013), 302-307

Neo-Assyrian kārus in the Zagros. in Zoltán Csabai (ed.), Studies in Economic and Social History of the Ancient Near East in Memory of Péter Vargyas. ANEMS 2. Budapest–Pécs: L’Harmattan, 2014. 789–810.

How to define relation between ʿAnatu and Baʿlu: answer by absence of proofs

Загадки истории. Факты. Открытия. Люди

Una reflexión sobre el origen de la importancia de la Música en la Antigua Mesopotamia a partir de los Cilindros de Gudea A y B


Pouvoir et transition générationnelle en Arabie Saoudite

Le califat imaginaire d'Ahmad al-Mansûr. Pouvoir et diplomatie au Maroc au 16e siècle

Inventory of lexemes of action verbs, a new methodology for gender studies research. An example with ʿAnatu of Ugarit.

2013 Nathan Morello, review of Salvatore Gaspa, Alimenti e pratiche alimentari in Assiria: le materie alimentari nel culto ufficiale dell’Assiria del primo millennio a.C.

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