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22.Vertebrate fauna from the Epi-Gravettian site in Trebački Krš near Berane (northeastern Montenegro)

Evolución histórica de las poblaciones de sapillo pintojo meridional (Discoglossus jeanneae) en el Alto Ebro. 2012

Use of Non Vascular Plant Organisms as Indicators of Urban Air Pollution (Tunja, Boyacá, Colombiano)

Norambuena, H.V., V. Raimilla, and J.E. Jiménez. 2012. Breeding behavior of a pair of Rufous-tailed hawks (Buteo ventralis) in southern Chile. Journal of Raptor Research 46:211-215.

Aisen, E.G., F. Vidal, G. Garay, J.E. Jiménez, et al. 2012. Reassessment of morphology and historical distribution as factors in conservation efforts for endangered Patagonian huemul deer Hippocamelus bisulcus (Molina 1782). Journal of Threaten

Vergara, P.M., C.G. Pérez-Hernández, I.J. Hahn, and J.E. Jiménez. 2013. Matrix composition and corridor function for austral thrushes in a fragmented temperate forest. Landscape Ecology 28:121-133.

Carneiro, A.P., J.E. Jiménez, P.M. Vergara, and T.H. White, Jr. 2013. Nest-site selection by the Slender-billed parakeet (Enicognathus leptorhynchus) in a Chilean agricultural-forest mosaic. Journal of Field Ornithology 84:13-22.

Jiménez, J.E., A.M. Arriagada, F.E. Fontúrbel, P.A. Camus, and M.I. Ávila-Thieme. 2013. Effects of exotic fish farms on bird communities in lake and marine ecosystems. Naturwissenschaften 100: 779-787.

Puma concolor (Carnivora, Felidae) en Uruguay: Situación local y contexto regional

Perspectivas de estudio, conservación y manejo de los Carnívoros en México.

First occurrence of Nyctinomops macrotis (Gray, 1839) (Chiroptera: Molossidae) in Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil

First find of ectothermic vertebrates from the Pleistocene Copăceni Beds (southern Romania)

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