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The Pursuit of the Dao: Natsume Sōseki and His Kanshi of 1916


Voces sobre China en el siglo XVII a través de Domingo Fernández de Navarrete

“On the Term dubi kun : Reconstructing the Image of Han Hired Laborers by Investigating their Clothing”「犢鼻褌」小考──從服飾看漢代傭作者的形象

“Buji on Han Wooden and Bamboo Strips Revisited: ‘Zu yong zuo mingji’ as a Case Study” (Co-authored with Ming-chiu Lai) 漢簡簿籍再探:以「卒傭作名籍」為例 (與黎明釗合著)

Gunpowder Empire: The European Artillery and Military Operations during Kangxi’s Reign(神威四域,武成永固:康熙朝歐式火砲新考)


Famed River Engineer Li Yumei and Masonry Dams in the Yellow River(黃河南岸磚壩圖與治河名臣栗毓美拋築磚壩)

Historical Investigation and Technological Presentation of the “Rebuilding the Tongan Ships” Documentary(「再現.同安船」紀錄片製作的歷史考察與科技呈現)

Liao’s Gold Culture from The Records of Khitan State and The History of the Liao Dynasty(《契丹國志》和《遼史》所見遼人黃金文化)

The Astronomical Instruments and Observatory of Beijing in Ming Dynasty(敬天以心,觀天以器:明代觀象臺及其天文儀器)

The Deliberation of Emperor Yongzheng's Martial Arts: the Estimation of Yongzheng's Muscle by his Birch Bark Bow(雍正武藝之商榷:從世宗用葡萄面樺皮弓蠡測雍正臂力)

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