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Quo vadis? From where and where Human goes // Quo vadis? Отколь и куда держит путь Человек

مصاحبه مطبوعاتی درباره نوسازی اطراف فلکه حرم مطهر / Interview about the Renovation around the Shrine, Mashad (in Persian)

!زندگی عمودی بمزاج تهرانیها سازگار نیست / Vertical Living Does Not Suit the Tehran Population! (in Persian)

I gave it him — on the motivation of the 'alternative double object construction' in varieties of British English (2011)

عضوانستیتوی سلطنتی شهرسازان انگلستان/ Mr. Borbor receives Fellowship of Royal Town Planning Institute (FRTPI), U.K. (in Persian)

Review/Rezension: Robert-Peter Eyer, Die Schweizer Regimenter in Neapel im 18. Jahrhundert (1734–1789), 2008

Sen, Ranjan (2006). ‘Vowel-weakening before muta cum liquida sequences in Latin: a problem of syllabification?’, Oxford University Working Papers in Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics 11: 143-61.

La Place du Sud chez Julien Green: un Sud Déplacé

Articulo: Filosofía Evolucionista: Descubrimiento y Elección en la Experiencia Humana.

LA IDENTIDAD COLECTIVA DE EUROPA Y SU INTEGRACIÓN POLÍTICA Collective Identity of Europe and its Political Integration

Rapid Progress in the Genetic Classification of the World’s Languages - The Method

Implementation of Inductive Model in English Language Teaching To Empower Students’ Writing in Tertiary Education

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