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The case of Germany : from Wissenschaft des Judentums to Jewish Studies.”

“Seder Eliyahu, Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer and cognate traditions as Geonic Midrashim? - changing texts and contexts,”

Review of Miriam Goldstein, Karaite Exegesis in Medieval Jerusalem: The Judeo-Arabic Pentateuch Commentary of Yūsuf ibn Nūḥ and Abū al-Faraj Hārūn (Texts and Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Judaism, 26), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011

Мифологизация образа немца в славянской народной духовной культуре // Славяне и их соседи. Славяне и немцы. Средние века - раннее Новое

“Looking East or Looking South? Nazi Ethnic Policies in the Crimea and the Caucasus,” in Eradicating Differences: The Treatment of Minorities in Nazi-Dominated Europe, ed. Anton Weiss-Wendt (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010), 1

“A Soviet Humanitarian Action?: Centre, Periphery and the Evacuation of Refugees to the North Caucasus, 1941-1942.” Europe-Asia Studies 61, 5 (July 2009): 813-831.

Book review. “One Step before the Abyss: Recent Scholarship on the Jews in Occupied Soviet Territories during the WW2,

Soviet Jewish Stepchild: The Holocaust in the Soviet Mindset, 1941-1964 (Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag, 2009).

Изображения животных в древнерусских лицевых сборниках и лубочных картинках

“Wokół polemicznego traktatu antyżydowskiego Mesjasz prawdziwy Joannicjusza Galatowskiego”, Agnieszka Jagodzinska (red.), W poszukiwaniu religii doskonałej? – Konwersja a Żydzi, Wrocław Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, 2012,

חרם דרבינו גרשום באשה שנשטתית

Persian Translation of Devin J. Stewart, “Polemics and Patronage in Safavid Iran: The Debate on Friday Prayer during the Reign of Shah Tahmasb,”Bulletin of School of Oriental and African Studies 72, 3 (2009), pp.425-457.

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