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Henkyō, The Universal Japanese Frontier (An Interpretation)

29th april 2011 : International conference Le Japon et l’Asie : fin 19ème début 20ème organisé par l’Université Paris 7 Diderot et le Centre de Recherche sur les Civilisations d’Asie Orientale (CRCAO) : " Asianism and Japane

門徒物知り?―現代真宗門徒の親鸞像 (“Knowledgeable Shin Followers?: Shinran in Contemporary Shin Buddhism”)

A Geographic Analysis of Traders and Trade Goods in Japan’s Late Medieval Seto Inland Sea.

吉松文治訳纂『診断図説』(明治十二年刊)と大江億司写「診断図説 図譜」について」[ On the Book Shindan zusetsu (Illustrated Physical Diagnosis) and Ōe Okuji's Manuscript Copy

Preliminary Analysis on Bento Thiện's History of Annan [In Japanese and Vietnamese]

Жиль Делёз. О преимуществах англо-американской литературы

Un registro di una chiesa vescovile del Nord. l Libri traditionum dei vescovi di Bressanone (secc. X–XIV)

Konwencja a kategoria literacka 'makoto' w najstarszej warstwie poezji japońskiej

Tokyo Mahallei İslamiye Matbaasında Basılan Propaganda Kartpostalları

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