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The case of Germany : from Wissenschaft des Judentums to Jewish Studies.”

“Seder Eliyahu, Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer and cognate traditions as Geonic Midrashim? - changing texts and contexts,”

Les Cyclades dans la tourmente des thalassocraties. Approche comparatiste des dominations athéniennes (Vème siècle) et lagide (IIIème siècle)

Neue oder vernachlässigte Quellen in den Etymologiae Isidors von Sevilla (Buch 4 und 11)

«Heraclitus of Ephesus. The complete Heritage. In the language of the original and in Russian translation. Edited by S.N. Mouraviev. «Ad marginem», Moscow, 2012». A review. [English version]

Περὶ τροφῆς oder: Über Form. In: J. Althoff, S. Föllinger, G. Wöhrle (edd.): Antike Naturwissenschaft und ihre Rezeption, vol. 24, Trier: WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2014, 9-45.

ἡ ἀληθεστάτη πρόφασις: Historia, Medicina e Historia de la Medicina , Gallaecia 32, 2013, pp. 1-19.

Religie & școală. Argumentele pentru un sfert de secol

Meta:Dona Siminica (Afară e întuneric)

Reaching the καιρός in Sophocles' Electra

Moderación y ascetismo en Séneca, Musonio y Epicteto

S. Blandzi, (rec.) Heraklit ἀεὶ νέος συνεχῶς. W. Wrotkowski, Jeden wieloimienny. Bóg Heraklita z Efezu, ''Przegląd Filozoficzno-Literacki'' 2010, 2 (27), s. 397-406

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