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Journal article: “Fubai, guanchang xiangxiang yu xin ziyou zhuyi lixing– jiedu Song Siming xianxiang” (Corruption in the ‘Realm of Officialdom’: Narrative, and Neoliberalism: Making Sense of Song Siming, the Good Corrupt Official in Sn

Journal article: “Cultural Mediation and the Making of the Mainstream in Postsocialist China,” Media, Culture and Society 34:4 (2012), pp.391-406. Reprinted in Michael Keane & Wanning Sun (eds.) China’s Media: A Reader (London: Routled

Book chapter: “‘Clean Officials,’ Emotional Moral Community, and Anti-corruption Television Dramas,” in Zhu, Kean, and Bai, eds., TV Drama in China (HK UP, 2009), pp. 47-60.

Book chapter: “Introduction” (Co-authored with Ying Zhu and Michael Keane), in Ying Zhu, Michael Keane and Ruoyun Bai (eds.), TV Drama in China (Hong Kong University Press, 2009), pp. 1-18.

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Mass Communication and Culture’s Form of Creating Dominant Social Relations and Structures, Transformation Analysis


瑞典公共行政 ———分权化单一制国家中的治理 Paul Levin 聂勇浩 张 照译

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