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“On the role of cases and possession in Germanic. A typological approach“. Germanic Genitives (Tanja Ackermann / Horst J. Simon / Christian Zimmer, eds.). Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins (Studies in Language Companion Series 193), 2018, p

En mulig fonetisk forklaring på stødets opståen

Eine neue phonetische Hypothese zum primären Umlaut von germ. */a/ im Althochdeutschen

The Etymology of the Word þegn : A Case Study of a Happy Marriage Between Linguistics and History?

Insurgents from the Wieluń Land in the January Uprising (in Polish; English summary)

Natan Salomonovich Grinbaum (1916-2011), A Classical Philologist and Mycenologist from Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Poland)

‘A satisfactory etymology has long been available’: Notes on Vasconic names outside the Basque country: With particular reference to some British Arn- and Earn- names and to German Arnoldsweiler

Die Proto-Germanische Auslautverhärtung

Altertümliche Wortformen in der R̥gveda-Saṃhitā (I): Zu RV 7.6.1d dārúṃ, RV 2.38.6a samā́vavarti

Überlegungen zur nordischen Entwicklung von germ.*/ē1/ in Endsilbe

The Danish Stød: Phonological Features and Sociolinguistics Implications

Das andere Wort für 'Frau' im Urindogermanischen

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