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Sentire lo spazio. L’architettura tra arte, natura ed esperienza estetica

Neuwerk, Zeitschrift für Designwissenschaft, Heft 1, Oberflächen:Untersichten

GJ #2014, 1-2, Nanotecnologie e alimenti tra etica e diritto: prospettive della regolazione nell'Unione europea. By L. Leone (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

GJ #2014, 3, The city: today’s frontier zone. By S. Sassen (Department of Sociology Columbia University)

The Uses and Hazards of Expatriation: Richard Wright’s Cosmopolitanism in Process

Mysteries of the Mountain: Environmental Racism and Political Action in Percival Everett’s Watershed

Science Fiction and the Risks of the Anthropocene: Anticipated Transformations in Dale Pendell’s The Great Bay

Comida como interface de interação social

El consumo alimenticio de restaurantes de comida rápida

Rising Waters: Submersion and Survival in Yung Chung’s Up the Yangtze

La iniciativa de Tallers Oberts, su origen y motivación (Entrevista 2012)

Propojování strojů a těl: městský člověk v pohybu

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