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Saneamento e Educação Ambiental Guia do profissional em treinamento

Interacció entre l’alga invasora Lophocladia lallemandi i el briozou Reteporella grimaldii a les proximitats de l’illa de Sa Dragonera

Naïve prey exhibit reduced antipredator behavior and survivorship

Case studies of palaeoenvironmental perturbations’ effect on fish distributions

Kaptan June ve Kaplumbağalar

Enhanced healing of diabetic foot ulcers using local heat and electrical stimulation for 30 min three times per week

Organization and mechanical behaviour of myocyte–ligament composites in a sea-urchin lantern: the compass depressors of Stylocidaris affinis (Echinodermata, Echinoida)

Microarchitecture and mechanics of the sea‐urchin peristomial membrane

Quando os conflitos socioambientais caracterizam um território?

Makine imalatı yapan bir işletmede tasarım hata türü ve etkileri analizi ile hata kaynaklarının belirlenmesi ve kalitenin iyileştirilmesi

Disturbance–diversity models: what do they really predict and how are they tested?

Species–environment relationships and potential for distribution modelling in coastal waters

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