Tag: Fiber Optic Sensors

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Misalignment Limits for a Singlemode–Multimode–Singlemode Fiber-Based Edge Filter


Pervaporation of binary water–ethanol mixtures through bacterial cellulose membrane

Study on the interactions between anti-tumor metal complexes and mononucleotides using trans -[en 2 Os(η 2 -H 2 )(CF 3 SO 3 )](CF 3 SO 3 ) as a 1 H NMR probe in a competitive mode

WDM over POF ¿ A way to increase transmission capacity of POF

Optimization and Control of Smart Energy Grid Systems—Stability and Smart Demand Participation

The 24-h FEV1 time profile of olodaterol once daily via Respimat® and formoterol twice daily via Aerolizer® in patients with GOLD 2–4 COPD: results from two 6-week crossover studies

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