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Choi, T.-H. (2015). The impact of the “Teaching English through English” policy on teachers and teaching in South Korea

Leticia Fará González Quintanilla

Knowledge Sharing and Factors Influencing Sharing in Libraries — A Pilot Study on the Knowledge Sharing Attributes of the Education City Library Community in Qatar.

Kumaresan, S.C. (2004). Knowledge Management and Organizational Growth. University News, 42(24), 11 – 14.

La invisibilidad de las mujeres sin hogar en España

Lexical borrowing from English into Danish in the sciences: An empirical investigation of “domain loss”

The X-Ray Crystal Structure of the Phage λ Tail Terminator Protein Reveals the Biologically Relevant Hexameric Ring Structure and Demonstrates a Conserved Mechanism of Tail Termination among Diverse Long-Tailed Phages

Parentalidades cambiantes: entre la renuncia a la maternidad y la reivindicación de la custodia paterna

Fernández-Rasines, P. and Ramos-Gámez, T. (2013). Gender and Homelessness in Spain. Policies and Practices for Social Inclusion. 3rd Ensact Joint European Conference. European Network for Social Action. Istanbul, 17-19 April 2013.

On ‘Researching and critiquing World Englishes’ by A. Mahboob and J. Liang (2014)



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