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吉松文治訳纂『診断図説』(明治十二年刊)と大江億司写「診断図説 図譜」について」[ On the Book Shindan zusetsu (Illustrated Physical Diagnosis) and Ōe Okuji's Manuscript Copy

‘Perang Jawa (1825-1830) dan Implikasinya pada Hubungan Cina-Jawa’, kata pengantar untuk Peter Carey, Orang Cina, Bandar Tol, Candu dan Perang Jawa: Perubahan Persepsi tentang Cina 1755-1825 (Depok: Komunitas Bambu, cetakan pertama 2008), h.

Entre o mérito e a patrimonialização: o provimento de oficiais na Casa dos Contos de Goa (séculos XVI e XVII)

Discovering the Savage Senses: French and British Explorers’ Encounters with Aboriginal People

“’The Great North River of New Netherland’: The Hudson River and Dutch Colonization”

Wolfgang Michel: Hans Jurian Hancke, Mukai Genshō und Zacharias Wagener - Aspekte einer 'lehrreichen' Begegnung im 17. Jahrhundert [Hans Juriaen Hancke, Zacharias Wagener and Mukai Gensho - Aspects of a 17th Century Cross-Cultural Encounter]

Leipziger Fehlgriffe — Zum Konflikt zwischen Badern und Barbieren im 17. Jahrhundert. [On the Conflict between Bath-attendants and Barbers in Leipzig during the 17th Century]

日本におけるカスパル・シャムベルゲルの活動について [Caspar Schamberger's Activities in Japan]

エンゲルベルト・ケンペルからみた日本語 [The Japanese Language as Seen by Engelbert Kaempfer]

九州地方の医学史(その一)History of Medicine in the Kyushu Area (Part 1)

九州地方の医学史(その二)History of Medicine in the Kyushu Area (Part 2)

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