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 The Dialectic of Consciousness and Unconsciousness in Spontaneity of Genius: A Comparison between Classical Chinese Aesthetics and Kantian Ideas

《石头记》ã周作人与沈从文ã新华当代诗歌——华语文 “抒情”美典论述之立与破【周德成 2015年9月28日】

Peter Jingcheng Xu’s English Translation of Han Yu’s ‘Chun Xue’春雪(Spring Snow), Green Eco-Guild, 2018-2-16

Peter Jingcheng Xu’s English Translation of Wang Wei ‘Niao Ming Jian’鸟鸣涧(‘Bird-Chirp Dale’), Green Eco-Guild, 2018-1-13

Peter Jingcheng Xu’s English Translation of Wang Wei’s ‘Xiang Si’相思(‘Love Beans’), Green Eco-Guild, 2018-2-14.docx

Peter Jingcheng Xu’s English Translation of Shao Yong‘s ’山村咏怀'(Ode to the Vill), Green Eco-Guild, 2018-1-1.docx

Peter Jingcheng Xu’s Bilingual Poem ‘Pilgrimages-In Homage to R.S. Thomas’, Green Eco-Guild, 2017-9-26.doc

Peter Jingcheng Xu’s Chinese Translation of Ray Murphy’s ‘South Stack, Isle of Anglesey - An Approaching Storm’ and his own poem ‘I sat at the end of the world, watching the lighthouse’, Green Eco-Guild, 2017-8-5

The Pursuit of the Dao: Natsume Sōseki and His Kanshi of 1916



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