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姚達兌 基督教新教漢語文學研究的興起 ── 評John T. P. Lai, Negotiating Religious Gaps The Enterprise of Translating Christian Tracts by Protestant Missionaries in Nineteenth-Century China 載《二十一世紀》2014. 4.

Dadui Yao, Profusion and Pain of Ferrying to New Epoch – on Qu Qiubai’s Literary Thought, New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship, Harvard Yenching Institute, 2012.

姚達兌 Dadui Yao, 《性理精義》與清初的政治意識形態 The Essential Spirit of Xingli and Political Ideology in Early Qing Dynasty,北京社會科學 Social Sciences of Beijing, 2014.8.pp.101-108. (請下載後閱讀)

姚達兌 Dadui Yao 《聖諭廣訓》和儒耶真理話語的碰撞 The Sacred Edict, its English Translation and the Clash of Truth Discourses between Confucianism and Christianity,載《世界宗教研究》Studies in World Religions, 2014

姚達兌 Dadui Yao, Literary Agents: the Identity Crisis of Chinese Assistant for Foreign Missionary in the Late Qing Period 晚清傳教士中國助手的身份認同問題——以王韜、管嗣復、蔣敦復為中心, Studies on Modern Chi

姚達兌《的英譯、接受和敘事》,載《文化遺產》, 2011, No.3, pp. 66-73. The English translation, Reception and Narration of Cantonese Love Songs

姚達兌 插圖翻譯和基督教的本色化 ——晚清漢譯《天路歷程》的插圖研究 Yao Dadui The Translated Illustration and the Indigenization of Christianity: On the Illustrations in Chinese Versions of John Bunyan's Th

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