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The case of Germany : from Wissenschaft des Judentums to Jewish Studies.”

“Seder Eliyahu, Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer and cognate traditions as Geonic Midrashim? - changing texts and contexts,”

The notion of pneuma in the work of Aristotle/ Η έννοια του πνεῦματος στο έργο του Αριστοτέλη.

Parcours d'Istanbul des guides à la bande dessinée: du décor du désir interdit à celui de l'angoisse

Review of Mark HEBBLEWHITE, The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire, AD 235–395 (London/New York 2017), pp. xvi, 240, in: The Classical Review 68.2 (2018: First View)

Jungian Theory and Students with Emotional Disturbances (Autism & ADHD): an emphasis in Applying Jungian Theory to Students with Asperger’s Syndrome

review of Sabino Chialà, Isacco di Ninive, Terza Collezione (CSCO 637–638, Syr. 246–247). Leuven: Peeters, 2011.

Η έννοια της Θεωρίας. The notion of contemplation in the 14th century.

‘Attacotti, Déisi and Magnus Maximus: the Case for Irish Federates in Late Roman Britain’, Britannia 32 (2001) 243-270.

Шукуров Р.М. Восточные заимствования в среднегреческом по рукописи BnF, Supplément persan 939 // Византийский временник. Т. 72. 2013

L’image paradigmatique : des 'Schémas anatomiques' d’Aristote au 'De materia medica' de Dioscoride

‘Late Byzantine Elites and Military Literature: Authors, Readers and Manuscripts (11th-15th Centuries)’ in G. THEOTOKIS and A. YILDIZ (edd.), A Military History of the Mediterranean Sea – Aspects of War, Diplomacy and Military Elites (Bril

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