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Tracking the monopole migration of the ν1 f 5/2 state near the N=32 subshell closure in neutron-rich nuclei above 48Ca

Adventures on an uncharted sea: La recherche-création et la science sans nom de Aby Warburg

コプト・エジプト語の他動詞の「前名詞形」の軽動詞性と文法化[The Prenominal Form of Verbs in Coptic Egyptian -Frequency, Light-Verbalness and Grammaticalization-]

2014-Scribes’ self-fashioning in the New Kingdom Scribal literature and the manuscripts of Late Egypt miscellanies - BASLER FORUM FÜR ÄGYPTOLOGIE - 16 janvier 2014

Загадки истории. Факты. Открытия. Люди

[It looks academia.edu doesn't properly preview it. Please download] コプト語サイード方言の言語資料と文法注釈ーナポリ・国立ヴィットーリオ・ エマヌエーレ 3 世図書館蔵・ベーサによるテ

Le “Lettere ai Morti” e le manifestazioni dei defunti sulla Terra nell’antico Egitto

Papyrus of Hat from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts / Папирус Хата из собрания ГМИИ им. А.С. Пушкина

[発表後第3版]コプト・エジプト語におけるコピュラ文(Copulative Sentences in Coptic Egyptian, 3rd edition after the presentation)

Le formule magiche contro il mal di testa (papiro Chester Beatty V) e la demonizzazione delle malattie nell’antico Egitto

Охотничьи мотивы XVII-XVIII веков

Un même propriétaire pour deux manuscrits ? Paléographie du Papyrus Barcelone Palau Rib. inv. 80

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