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Endonezya'da Türkçe Kökenli Üç Kelime

Matić, Uroš. 2014. Spalinger, Anthony/Armstrong, Jeremy (Hg.): Rituals of Triumph in the Mediterranean World. Leiden/Boston: Brill 2013. 157 S. 8° ¼ Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 63. Hartbd. € 98,00. ISBN 978-90-04-25100-7.

المشروع القومي لرقمنة التراث المصري

Matić, Uroš. 2015. ''Mädchen im Altertum / Girls in Antiquity. Frauen-Forschung-Archäologie 11 (Hrsg. Susanne Moraw, Anna Kieburg). Münster: Waxmann''. Archäologische Informationen 38: 513-515.

Seth en la religión egipcia

Matić, Uroš. 2014. “Minoans”, kftjw and the “islands in the middle of wAD wr” beyond ethnicity. Ägypten und Levante XXIV: 277-294.

Matić, Uroš. 2015. Eine Anmerkung zu Q-t-y und pLeiden I 343 + I 345 (Recto VI: 7-10). Göttinger Miszellen 244: 57-66.

Matić, Uroš. 2015. Pyramids, dragons and whores: (Post)colonial myths and metafictions in "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels by G. R. R. Martin. In: Archaeology: Myths within and without (eds. Benjamin Hinson and Barbora Janulik

, “Report on the Excavations of a Hyksos Palace at Tell el-Dabca/Avaris (23rd of August – 15th of November.2011),” Egypt and the Levant 22/23 (2012/13), 18-52.

„Peru-nefer: An Update,“ Egyptian Archaeology 35 (2009), 16-17

“From where came the Hyksos and where did they go”, in: M. Marée (ed.), The Second Intermediate Period (Thirteenth - Seventeenth Dynasties): Current Research, Future Prospects, OLA 192, Leuven 2010: Peeters, 139-181.

„The archaeology of the ‘gold of valour’“, Egyptian Archaeology 40 (2012), 42-43.

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