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Origine chrétienne du Qoran - La sourate 1

EVLİYA ÇELEBİ SEYAHATNAMESİNDE MUŞ VE ÇEVRESİ Muş and Its Surrounding in Evliya Çelebi’s Seyahatname

From Horse Trainers to Dependent Workers: The šušānu Class in the Late Babylonian Period, with a Special Focus on Āl-Yāḫūdu Tablets

La lengua y la historia de los hurritas y de los urarteos. Panorama bibliográfico, AuOr 22 (2004) 267-301.

Boletín bibliográfico. La lengua y la historia de los hurritas y de los urarteos: Sexta bibliografia, Aula Orientalis 35 (2017) 351-370.

Review of Dita Frantíková: Chetitská čítanka, 2016, Praha: Univerzita Karlova v Praze. Filozofická fakulta, in Nový Orient 72/2017/4, 68-71.

2017. The Scepter (ĝidru) in Early Mesopotamian Written Sources

مصاحبه مطبوعاتی درباره نوسازی اطراف فلکه حرم مطهر / Interview about the Renovation around the Shrine, Mashad (in Persian)

!زندگی عمودی بمزاج تهرانیها سازگار نیست / Vertical Living Does Not Suit the Tehran Population! (in Persian)

La sourate 108 - Une sourate écrite en syriaque

Alan Lenzi and Jonathan Stökl, ed. Divination, Politics, and Ancient Near Eastern Empires.

A New Akkadian Shuila-Prayer to the Three Paths of Heaven and the Third Tablet of Bīt salāʾ mê.

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