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Origine chrétienne du Qoran - La sourate 1

Hekatomnoslar Hanedanı. Les Hécatomnides. The Hekatomnids.

Medailleure in Deutschland während des Ersten Weltkrieges, Teil 17: Ludwig Hujer und August Hummel (2016)

Medailleure in Deutschland während des Ersten Weltkrieges, Teile 23 bis ... (2018)

The Asia Minor Campaign of Alexander and the Battle of Issus [İskender’in Küçük Asya Seferi ve İssos Muharebesi]

La sourate 108 - Une sourate écrite en syriaque

‘“One has to be so terribly religious to be an artist”: Divine inspiration and theophilia in Aelius Aristides’ Hieroi Logoi’, Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 20, 253-268.

Der Tod des Gaius Caesar. Eine Ausstellung im Museum Schloß Hohentübingen (2004)

Тракийският воин. Проучвания върху военната и социалната история на древна Тракия. / The Thracian Warrior. A Study in Military and Social History of Ancient Thrace. В. Тър

Asklepios auf antiken Münzen in Epidauros, Athen und Pergamon (2006)

L. Cicala - L. Vecchio, I mattoni di Velia: riflessioni e nuove prospettive di studio, in S. D'Agostino - G. Fabricatore (ed.), Storia dell'ingegneria, Atti del 5° convegno nazionale, Napoli, 19-20 maggio 2014, Napoli 2014, pp. 283-308. .

2000 – Тракийският воин… / The Thracian Warrior... Гл. 7. Абиите млекопийци, вегетарианският „Златен век” и капнобатите / Ch. 7. Abioi milk drinkers, the vegetarian “

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