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«‘In the Name of a Sacred Trust’: UNESCO and the education of the colonial peoples in Africa»

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Porters in the Angolan nationalist war (1961-1974)’, in: Jan-Bart Gewald and Iva Pesa (eds), Magnifying perspectives: contributions to history: a Festschrift for Robert Ross. 232-253. Leiden, ASC 2017.

«Que educação para o Africano? Debater o ensino indígena na África Portuguesa no colonialismo tardio»

«‘Creating Catholics and Portuguese: the educational and civilizing role of Catholic Missions in the Portuguese imperial project (1940-1975)»

BOOK CHAPTER: Inge Brinkman & Silvia Alessi, ‘From “lands at the end of the earth” to “lands of progress”? Communication and mobility in South-Eastern Angola’,

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Writing, oral traditions and the construction of ethnic identities’,

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Mobility, immobility, marginality. Angolan civilians in wartime (1961-2002)’, in: John Laband (ed.), Daily lives of civilians in wartime Africa. From slavery days to the diamond wars (Westport: Greenwood Press 2007) pp. 167-19

ARTICLE: ‘Angolan elections, 5 September 2008’, Forum (Bulletin BVA/ABA) (November 2008) pp. 17-20.

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Refugees on routes. Congo/Zaire and the war in Northern Angola (1961-1974),’ in: Beatrix Heintze and Achim von Oppen (eds.), Angola on the move. Transport routes, communications and history (Frankfurt/M: Lembeck Verlag 2008) p

Paul Valery y T. S. Eliot. Sobre música, danza y poesía

«Challenging the Portuguese colonial “mission”: “Native education” and UNESCO’s activities in Africa, 1948-1972»

Mai 68 en Belgique raconté par les objets (avec Valérie Piette, Caroline Sägesser et Cécile Vanderpelen-Diagre)

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