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Knowledge for teacher development in India: the importance of ‘local knowledge’ for in-service education

İBNİ MÜHENNA LÜGATİ’NİN TARİHİ TÜRK DİLİ ARAŞTIRMALARINDAKİ YERİ VE ÖNEMİ / The Role and the Importance of Ibni Muhenna Dictionary in Historical Turkish Language Research

“Music, Memory, and Nostalgia: Collective Memories of Cultural Revolution Songs in Contemporary China.” The China Review 5(2): 151-175.

Pavlićević, Predrag, The importance of leader’s abilities in political leadership, Nauka i društvo, 1 / 2014 (leto), str. 89-112

On the origins of the ‘royal domains’ in the First Intermediate Period, in: Third Australasian Egyptology Conference. July 16-18, 2014. Macquarie University. Sydney. Program and Abstracts. Sydney: Macquarie University, 2014. P. 19

The Most Sublime of All Laws: The Strange Resurgence of a Kantian Motif in Contemporary Image Politics (Nancy, Didi-Huberman, Rancière)

‘The role of Castilian royal bureaucracy in the formation of early modern Irish literacy’, in Thomas O’Connor and Mary Ann Lyons (eds.), Irish communities in early modern Europe (Dublin, 2006), 200-39.

Katarzyna Moszczyńska-Dürst (2014) “The symbolic value of the female body in contemporary Spanish women´s novel and literary field”. En: María Victoria Carrillo Durán, Mónica Jiménez Morales, María F. Sánchez Hernández (eds.) Commu

현대 영상예술 속의 다층적 폐쇄회로들: 카메라-스크린 인터페이스를 중심으로 (Multiple levels of closed feedback loops in contemporary moving images: Based on media artworks using the camera- screen interface)

“The royal mother in the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom: role, representation and cult”, in: Proceedings of the Second International Congress for Young Egyptologists, Lisboa, 23-26 October 2006, Lisboa 2009, pp. 420-432.

The Military Impact of Victory or Defeat on the Political and Social Structure of a Nation The First WW Victory's Impact upon the Royal Carabinieri in Italy, 1919– …

Synthesis of a New Camphor Derived P, S (O) Ligand. The Importance of CH· O Bonding In the Ligand Exchange Reactions With Co2 ([Mu]-Alkyne)(CO) 6 Complexes

2007, ‘De-partitioning Society: Contesting Borders of the Mind in India and Bangladesh, in Smita Jasal and Eyal Ben-Ari (eds) The Partition Motif in Contemporary Conflicts, New Delhi, thousand Oaks, London: Sage Publications, 75-98.

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