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Conference: The Artist’s Lament. Turning Crisis and Turmoil into Text and Image between the Reformation and the French Revolution” // Klage des Künstlers. Krise und Umbruch von der Reformation bis um 1800 [Herzog, Heudecker, Münch, Tacke]

Between Text and Image. Poznan Projections by Jenny Holzer / Między tekstem a obrazem. Poznańskie projekcje Jenny Holzer, Art Stations Foundation, Stary Browar, Poznań 2011.

“Commemorating the Fall of Jerusalem: Remembering the First Crusade in Text, Liturgy, and Image,” in Remembering the Crusades: Myth, Image, and Identity, (2008)

"The Hidden King and the Broken Flutes: the Mythical and Royal Dimension of Tezcatlipoca's Feast in Toxcatl", en Representing Ritual: Performance, Text and Image in the Work of Sahagún, Eloise Quiñones Keber (coord.),

Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies 'Di-xεrretən and the lioness': text and landscape of a ∣Xam narrative PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ARTICLE

J.J.M. Vandommele, ‘“Come all ye artless, take pleasure in Learning!” The role of education in allegorical plays performed at the Antwerp Landjuweel of 1561.’ In: M.G. Kemperink & H.W. Hoen (eds.), Vision in Text and Image (Leuven 20

Linking Khotan and Dūnhuáng: Buddhist Narratives in Text and Image (pre-publication draft version)

Sakralne ukryte frazy, sekularne ilustracje wierszy. O relacjach tekst-obraz w Senmen Hokekyō sasshi [Sacral hidden phrases, secular poem-pictures. On interrelations between text and image in Senmen Hokekyō sasshi ]

Image, Text, and Mind: Franciscan Tertiaries Rewriting Stephan Fridolin's Schatzbehalter in the Pütrlichkloster in Munich

The Voice of the Picture : The Functional Relationship Between Text and Image in Geffrey Whitney’s A Choice of Emblemes (1586)

Free Information Resources in the Humanities and the Arts (Library and Information Science Text (Hardcover)) PDF books

Free Information Resources in the Humanities and the Arts (Library and Information Science Text (Hardcover)) PDF books

[Pdf] damascus after the muslim conquest text and image in early islam full file

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