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“Tashakkul al-tadaris janub al-bahr al-ahmar fil 'asr al-muta'akhkhir qabl al tarikh [The formation of the southern Red Sea landscape in the late prehistoric period ]” (in Arabic) (2009)

مؤلّفات يحيى النحوي في العربيّة [Philoponus’ works in Arabic]

relation banque-entreprise en Algérie , un essai d'évaluation (in arabic)

A Grammarian’s Life in his own Voice: Autobiographical Fragments in Arabic Biographical Literature

Al Sus Alaksa In the Era of Ibn Tumart’s Call ( In Arabic ).السوس الأقصى في عهد دعوة ابن تومرت 515-524هـ / 1221- 1130

J. L. Kraemer, “A lost Passage from Philoponus’ Contra Aristotelem in Arabic Translation” (translated into Arabic)

Geniza or ḥubus : some observations on the library of the Great Mosque in Qayrawān (Tunisia). In: Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam. Vol. 42 (2015)

An Attempt to Remove Confusion Between the concepts of Culture and Intellectual (in Arabic) نحو محاولة لفك الالتباس بين مفهومي الثقافة والمثقف

Robinson Crusoe Download Audio Books Free Mp3 | fiction and literature

Drawings for the Spanish Robinson Crusoe by José Juan Camarón and Rafael Ximeno en Print Quarterly, vol. XXXV, nº 2, June, 2018

133 Yıl önce Yayımlanan Yunan Harfleriyle (Karamanlıca) Bir Robinson Crusoe çevirisi

Una sessualità “perversa”: Robinson Crusoe e i richiami del corpo

فهم جديد للفعل خ ر ص في النقوش الصفويى - A New Rendering of the Verb ḪRṢ in the Safaitic Inscriptions (in Arabic)

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