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“Allegorical Representation of the Continents in Northern European Prints: The Peculiarity of Philips Galle’s Prosopographia (1585-90)”, Les Cahiers d’Histoire de l’Art, n. 10, Oct. 2012, pp. 25-30.

‘Corner’ for a King: Edward II as a Representation of the Sexual Misfit in the Elizabethan Culture

A True Disgrace? The Representation of Violence against Women in the Book of Lamentations as well as in JM Coetzee’s Novel Disgrace

Demjén, Z. and Semino, E. (2015) Henry's voices: the representation of auditory verbal hallucinations in an autobiographical narrative

Dal Cile alle Filippine: una rappresentazione dell’impero spagnolo nella Palermo barocca di Filippo IV/ From Chile to the Philippines : a representation of the Spanish Empire in the Baroque Palermo of Philip IV

Sz. Kristof-The Representation of the Australian Aborigines in Text and Picture: Dr. Med. Pál Almási Balogh (1794-1863) and the Birth of the Science of Anthropology in Central Europe/Hungary (Revista Caiana (Buenos Aires), dossier "Ci

Over-representation of a germline variant in the gene encoding RET co-receptor GFRα-1 but not GFRα-2 or GFRα-3 in cases with sporadic medullary thyroid carcinoma

‘The role of Castilian royal bureaucracy in the formation of early modern Irish literacy’, in Thomas O’Connor and Mary Ann Lyons (eds.), Irish communities in early modern Europe (Dublin, 2006), 200-39.

مقایسه اختیارات سلطان در قوانین اساسی مشروطه ایران و مشروطه اول عثمانی ۱۸۷۶ م/ A Comparative Study on the Extent of Sultan's Power in Constitution of Iran and 1st Constitution of Ot

La representación mediática del deportista con discapacidad en el reportaje televisivo. Informe Semanal, un estudio de caso // The media representation of athletes with disabilities in the television report. Informe Semanal, a case study

No pass… no grass no ass! Self-representation of the global-movement in Genoa, 2001

Türkiye Yazılı Basınında Alevilerin Temsili: 7. Alevi Çalıştayı Haberlerinin Söylemi (Representation of the Alevi’s in the Turkish Press: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 7th Workshop of Alevi)

“Instrument as Device: Representation of the Qin Zither in Late Ming Visual Culture,” Music in Art: International Journal of Music Iconography 33, no.1/2 (2008): 136–148.

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