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Imágenes del poder real en la obra de Alfonso X (I): Rex christianus [Images of Royal Power in the Works of Alfonso X (I): Rex Christianus]

La representación de la industria del videojuego en la prensa digital española y sus encuadres noticiosos // Representation of the video game industry in Spanish online press and its news frames

“Photogrammetric documentation and digital representation of the Macedonian palace in Vergina - Aegae”

Review of James Corbett David, Dunmore’s New World: The Extraordinary Life of a Royal Governor in Revolutionary America—with Jacobites, Counterfeiters, Land Schemes, Shipwrecks, Scalping, Indian Politics, Runaway Slaves, and Two Illegal Roya

The political representation of immigrant-origin citizens in local elections: an empirical analysis (La representación política de los inmigrantes en elecciones municipales Un análisis empírico)

An Analysis of the Biased Representation of Syria’s Crisis in the West’s news resources

An analysis of the effect of the two syntactic Structures – modality and transitivity – on the representation of self and others in some of the contemporary Persian press on the basis of CDA

The mental representation of Verb–Noun compounds in Italian: Evidence from a multiple single-case study in aphasia

Imágenes del poder real en la obra de Alfonso X (II): Rex iustus [Images of Royal Power in the Works of Alfonso X (II): Rex Iustus]

A Construção de uma Nova Representação da Periferia Carioca e o Papel dos Festivais de Cinema na sua Consolidação (The Construction of a New Representation of the Carioca Periphery and the Role of Film Festivals in its Consolidation)

‘Sad shires and no man’s land: First World War frames of reference in the British media representation of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars’, Media, War and Conflict 7(3) (291-308).

The representation of the female body in the feminist art as the body politics, w: Ona w XXI wieku. Interdyscyplinarny obraz kobiety, red. Magdalena Baranowska- Szczepańska, MAIUSCULA, Poznań 2012

The representation of the supernatural human substances and their role in the traditional withcraft and healing: blood, spirit, soul, power, knowledge, charms, evil eye. = Уяўлення аб звышнатуральных субстанцыя

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