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PESA INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIAL STUDIES AK PARTİ Döneminde Yoksullukla Mücadele Fighting Poverty During the AK PARTY Era

Leaving violent relationships and avoiding homelessness – providing a choice for women and their children


Urban (in) Security and Assessment of Extreme Poverty: Residents’ Perception Referring to Homelessness in Bucharest

The poverty of the Patriarchate of Grado and the Byzantine–Venetian Treaty of 1082

Dickens’s Animals through the Lenses of Poverty Studies and Posthumanism

« Seulette suis » : Christine de Pizan’s rhetoric of power through loneliness and poverty

Fernández-Rasines, P. and Ramos-Gámez, T. (2013). Gender and Homelessness in Spain. Policies and Practices for Social Inclusion. 3rd Ensact Joint European Conference. European Network for Social Action. Istanbul, 17-19 April 2013.

Living in poverty in eighteenth-century Terling’

Patriotism, Poverty, and Global Justice—A Kantian Engagement with Pauline Kleingeld’s Kant and Cosmopolitanism

Active Inclusion – an Effective Strategy to Tackle Youth Homelessness?

Pdf download At Home on the Street: People, Poverty, and a Hidden Culture of Homelessness By Jason Adam Wasserman *Read Online* #Audiobook

READ PDF At Home on the Street: People, Poverty, and a Hidden Culture of Homelessness (Download Ebook) #book

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