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社交媒介语境下的日本动画与中国受众:从弹幕评论看准社会交往表达Japanese Animations and Chinese Audience in Social Media Contest: Expressions of Parasocial Interaction on Chinese)

欠发达地区青少年娱乐教育的可能性模型:准社会关系、崇拜与健康知识习得A Possibility Model of Entertainment-Education for Underdeveloped Area Adolescents: Parasocial Relationship, Worship, and Health Knowledge Lear

[BEST SELLING] The Consultative Real Estate Agent: Building Realtionships That Create Loyal Clients, Get More Referals, and Increase Your Sales by Kelle Sparta

The power of parasocial learning: Nurses’ experiences of learning through entertainment-education in the online learning environment

A study of Egyptian and American young adult parasocial “relationships” with music video personae.

Parasocial relationships and self‐discrepancies: Faux relationships have benefits for low self‐esteem individuals

Free eBooks I m Stuck, You re Stuck: Breakthrough to Better Work Realtionships and Results by Discovering Your Disc Behavioral Style: Break Through to Better Work ... Your DiSC Behavioral Style (Inscape Guide) Best Ebook download

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