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Geological, mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of zeolite deposits associated with borates in the Bigadiç, Emet and Kirka Neogene lacustrine basins, western Turkey

Leaching experiments on a Mn-rich slag from the recycling of alkaline batteries – Solid phase characterization and geochemical modeling

Lateglacial and Holocene environmental changes in Portuguese coastal lagoons 1: the sedimentological and geochemical records of the Santo André coastal area

High-resolution paleoclimate of the MIS 11 interglacial (423–360 ka) using geochemical proxies in giant Tridacna clams

The mafic–ultramafic complex of Aniyapuram, Cauvery Suture Zone, southern India: Petrological and geochemical constraints for Neoarchean suprasubduction zone tectonics

Stratigraphic and geochemical study of the organic-rich black shales in the Tarcău Nappe of the Moldavidian Domain (Carpathian Chain, Romania

Gerlach, R., Baumewerd-Schmidt, H., van den Borg, K, Eckmeier, E. & Schmidt, M.W.I (2006): Prehistoric alteration of soil in the Lower Rhine Basin, Northwest Germany – archaeological, 14C and geochemical evidence - Geoderma, 136, pp. 38-50

Erratum to “Molecular geomicrobiology: genes and geochemical cycling

The Aguablanca Ni–(Cu) sulfide deposit, SW Spain: geologic and geochemical controls and the relationship with a midcrustal layered mafic complex

Genesis of the Assif El Mal Zn–Pb (Cu, Ag) vein deposit. An extension-related Mesozoic vein system in the High Atlas of Morocco. Structural, mineralogical, and geochemical evidence

200 years of mining activities at La Paz/San Luis Potosí/Mexico — Consequences for environment and geochemical exploration

Sedimentological and geochemical evidence to elucidate an evaporitic–carbonate paleoenvironment, Middle Miocene Red Sea coast, Egypt F. S. Ramadan & A. A. Zalamah

Surface–bottom relationships in the Gulf of Salerno (Tyrrhenian Sea) over the last 34 kyr: Compositional data analysis of palaeontological proxies and geochemical evidence

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