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Application of Three‐Stage Anaerobic Digestion (AD) in the Stabilization of Organic Fractions of Municipal Solid Wastes (OFMSW)

Persistent organic pollutants in benthic and pelagic organisms off Adélie Land, Antarctica

Robertianum_Cercul de hermeneutica juridica ”Scoala dreptului organic”.docx

Geodinamica Acta Geochemical characteristics and age of metamorphic sole rocks within a Neotethyan ophiolitic mélange from Konya region (central southern Turkey

Hog Fuel Industry - NAICS Code 32519 – Other Basic Organic Chemicals

High-resolution paleoclimate of the MIS 11 interglacial (423–360 ka) using geochemical proxies in giant Tridacna clams

Stratigraphic and geochemical study of the organic-rich black shales in the Tarcău Nappe of the Moldavidian Domain (Carpathian Chain, Romania

Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Miocene Oil Shale Deposits in the Eskişehir Basin, Western Anatolia, Turkey.

Surface–bottom relationships in the Gulf of Salerno (Tyrrhenian Sea) over the last 34 kyr: Compositional data analysis of palaeontological proxies and geochemical evidence

Magnetic susceptibility and selected geochemical–mineralogical data as proxies for Early to Middle Frasnian (Late Devonian) carbonate depositional settings in the Holy Cross Mountains, southern Poland

Organic Geochemical Studies of Soils From the Rothamsted Classical Experiments--I. Total Lipid Extracts, Solvent Insoluble Residues and Humic Acids From Broadbalk …

Organic Geochemical Properties Of Adıyaman Golbası (South East Of Turkey) Coals

Does ultrasonic dispersion and homogenization by ball milling change the chemical structure of organic matter in geochemical samples?—a CPMAS 13C NMR study with lignin

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